Loesch tweets that "Union Thugs have ruined Labor Day," Rita calls her out.

There goes Dana Loesch bashing the Unions as usual, this time suggesting that "'Union Thugs' have ruined Labor Day."

Ah, spending the day remembering what labor used to be like before our working class was bossed around by thugs and co-opted by a party.
If that nonsense wasn't enough for STL Teabagger Ms. Loesch, She also falsely accused Adam Shriver of cyberstalking, libel, and Defamation.

@WUSTL Who to report a member of your staff cyberstalking, defaming, libeling ppl? Investigation whether use WashU resources to do so?
"Ed Martin will give Carnahan a run for his money. . .I like Ed," said St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay of Martin, who will duke it out with incumbent Cong. Russ Carnahan.
That's from Sunday's Berger's Beat. It's pretty surprising to see an elected Democrat speak so kindly of Ed Martin. Perhaps Mayor Slay will walk that back in a few days.
Actually, Slay pushed back against Berger's quote in a couple of tweets. First, he took issue with the quote being used out of context:

Second, he mentioned his own involvement in a fundraiser for Carnahan (not entirely clear whether he's hosting the fundraiser or just participating in it):

So anyway, yes, Slay is clearly "endosring" Russ Carnahan. I suppose one can ask just how much Slay supports Carnahan, but it's obviously a far different story than what Morley is presenting

Earlier in the year, I pointed out that Dana Loesch had been ignoring Ed Martin's Republican primary opponent John Wayne Tucker until finally going on an unprovoked, unhinged Twitter rampage against him. Throughout this whole ordeal, Loesch never once disclosed that her husband's business Shock City Studios had received $2,500 from Ed Martin, apparently for the production of a campaign video. The story was picked up by Chad Garrison at the RFT, and this caused the Loeschs to freak out.

But what I find very strange is that while Loesch was ranting about how clear she is about her ethics, and explaining how she'd never sell her soul for $2,500, she somehow forgot to mention that they actually received $5,000 from Ed Martin, not $2,500. That's right, the $2,500 check previously mentioned was just one of two checks. Shock City Studios received another $2,500 check from Ed Martin in November of 2009. Here are the two different sections of financial reports:
Finally, on the Second Hour of The Dana Show today, she had a discussion which Rita called in and refuted her Right-Wing anti-Islamic screed and better yet, caller Rita told Loesch: "You're an Idiot." She gets a ton of Cool Points, even though Dana will probably nominate her for Tool Of The Week.

At around the 22:40 mark of that hour, Rita's exchange with her starts there. At 28:22, the caller (who I agreed with) told the Teabagging Watercarrier "You're an Idiot! Goodbye."


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