Bill McClellan opposes Dana Loesch, Glenn Beck, and Albert Pujols; Loesch one of the most influential Twitter users of STL

In today's St. Louis Post Dispatch and STLToday.com, Dana Loesch has been mentioned in a Bill McClellan Editorial and in a most influential STL Twitter report.

Politics, religion never mix in this dark comedy

Sometimes I feel we are all characters in a very dark comedy, but I am at a distinct disadvantage because I do not remember the past the way everybody else does.

Glenn Beck's recent Restoring Honor rally is a good example. This is the sort of event to which I would normally pay no attention. If Beck and his followers feel they need to restore their honor, that is their business. My honor is just fine. Or else it is beyond restoring.

The only reason I paid attention to Beck's rally was the participation of Tony La Russa and Albert Pujols.

La Russa is an interesting character in the dark comedy. In recent months, he's spoken in favor of the Arizona law cracking down on illegal immigration, and he's met with Beck and fellow Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly in the clubhouse. There are very few right-wing vegetarians. Throw in the fact that he is an animal rights activist and a resident of the Left Coast and you can see that he belongs to an exclusive club.

Pujols appears to be exactly what he seems: a devout Christian.

He talks about the I Have A Scheme Rally and is no fan of Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly, aka Billo The Clown. I am a Cardinals/Pujols fan, but they had NO BUSINESS being at Beck/Palin's Teabaggerpalooza at the Steps of the Lincoln Memorial at all!

On Monday night, I turned on the television to watch the Cardinals. The game was boring. I did something I hardly ever do. I hit the remote control to see what was on the next channel.

It was Larry King. One of his guests was Dana Loesch. She is a conservative radio talk-show host here in St. Louis. What's more, she used to write a column for the online edition of this paper. Her column was called "Mamalogues." It was very clever, and sometimes intensely personal. I remember when she wrote about pretending to be gassy so she would not have to have sex with her husband. But that was written with a light touch, and it was impossible to read her column and not like her. At least for me.

On King's show, Larry King Live, she was kicking a dead horse in the person of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Apparently, the day after the rally to restore honor, Beck had said that most Americans would not recognize President Barack Obama's version of Christianity. So Loesch apparently felt compelled to bring up Wright to shore up that point.

So Loesch was using the same old shit about Jeremiah Wright, most likely to fire up her fanbase into a tizzy. She is clearly a nutbag who's skills are berating people who disagree with her.


Next up:

Among the reports highlights:

*The average user in St. Louis has 257 followers and tweets once a day.

*The most influential Tweeter in St. Louis is Chris Reimer, the chief marketing officer at Scorch marketing. Reimer has more than 40,000 followers. Rounding out the top four are conservative alternative radio host Dana Loesch and baseball bloggers Matthew Leach and the Post-Dispatch's own Derrick Goold.

By the way, Justin Bieber is the second most mentioned among St. Louis Twitter users.

Dana Loesch is clearly a liar and an insane nutcase.

Lurker said this, via STLtoday.com:

Loesch is a complete political hack these days. She USED to be kind of entertaining with her stories of her boys, but she hasn't had an original though in years. Now all she knows how to do is regurgitate rightwing chainmails. Sad.


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