Dana Loesch makes a fool out of herself on Larry King Live and AC360

Well, STL's favorite Teabagger, Dana Loesch, was on CNN last night. She was repeating her usual screed.

On Larry King Live, Al Sharpton owns Loesch and Alveda King.

Al Sharpton knew that Glenn Beck was a man who was bastardizing MLK's legacy by doing his "I Have A Scheme" speech.

Alveda King was at the 1963 "I Have A Dream" speech.

Dana did agree with Alveda. I heard that she used her false screeds that

Later, we had Stephanie Miller (who I agreed with) and Dennis Prager:

On Anderson Cooper 360, Matt Taibbi schooled Dana Loesch on her rhetoric.

Taibbi schools Loesch on that her views are going to alienate more Republicans.

Loesch falsely claimed that the "Liberal Mainstream Media" is trying to downplay Black Conservatives. She accused Taibbi of name-calling, when she's doing it also talking over other guests.

Hoft absurdly accuses civil rights leader Al Sharpton of giving a "Nazi salute" at his "Reclaim the Dream" rally

In an August 30 Gateway Pundit post titled "Heil Al!... Sharpton Gives Nazi Salute at Rally?" Jim Hoft wrote:

Al Sharpton held his counter-freedom rally on Saturday at Dunbar High School in Washington DC.
During his speech, Al started chanting "No justice, no peace" and gave the Nazi salute.

Of course, the media ignored this.

Hoft included the following image as evidence:

Hoft Sharpton still shot

Hoft has had a history of race-baiting.

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