Brian "Asshole" Nieves on The Dana Show

On today's edition of Tea Party Radio 97.1 FM's The Dana Show, Brian Nieves claims the altercation was "only a conversation." Only a conversation, my ass! We all know Nutjob Nieves is lying as usual about the incident. He was the one who brutalized Shawn Bell, claimed that the "Jeff City Kingmakers are trying to deny me a possible State Senate seat." Loesch, as usual, agreed with Nieves. I hear that there are rooms reserved in Hell for them two, right next to Rush Limbaugh, Roy Blunt, and Kit Bond.

Fired Up! Missouri has this take on Nieves' appearance on KFTK's The Dana Show.

Nieves: "It Was Not A Pleasant Conversation. But It Was Nothing More Than A Conversation."

Rep. Brian Nieves went on 97.1 FM Talk this afternoon with local loudmouth Dana Loesch to defend himself. On Loesch's show, Nieves said rival campaign staffer Shawn Bell, the man who has filed the police report against Nieves, was trespassing on Nieves' property and that their exchange was "only a conversation." Here's an excerpt:

Here's what I can tell you. What I'm asking everybody to do is simply ask yourself, "Does any of this pass the sniff test?" I don't think it does. First of all, why would someone after running such a viscous, ugly campaign come into my office, trespass into my office and be there for good reasons, if you know what I mean? You know, we're not contending that we had a pleasant conversation with Shawn Bell. It was not a pleasant conversation. But it was nothing more than a conversation.

Later, Nieves directed his ire to unnamed 'kingmakers' -- "What I really think is happening is that someone is pulling Shawn Bell's strings and encouraging him to do this," he said.

I do not believe that Dick Stratman has anything to do with these allegations. Of course, I'm not happy with Dick Stratman because he is the one that brought these people to town in the first place. But I do think there's a delineation here where we have to realize is what's going on now is not up to Dick Stratman...What I really think is happening is that someone is pulling Shawn Bell's strings and encouraging him to do this. And we are going to continue to connect those dots and become more and more public about who those people are who are pulling his strings and pushing his buttons...

There are powers that be. There are kingmakers and powerbrokers in the state of Missouri that very clearly -- this is not black helicopter stuff, this is not conspiracy theory stuff. All of the evidence is black and white. And it is clear. I'm just not at liberty to talk about the details right now. But with five minutes of research a person on their own could look and see who Shawn Bell is associated with and who those people are associated with. And what you find is there are some very high level king makers that are not at all interested in seeing Brian Nieves become a part of the Missouri Senate.

Audio at: http://www.firedupmissouri.com/content/nieves-it-was-not-pleasant-conversation-it-was-nothing-more-conversation

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