Lux_Seeker smears me, praises Dana Loesch

Looks like Lux_Seeker, a Dana-loving troll, wrote about me in his Lux Politics blog.

I want to be up front about a series of tweets I sent to a, well, how should I put this, this, less than informed young Obama supporter Mr. Gibson. I have found that over the years, having some educational background in philosophy has been very helpful because it helps me to see where ideas come from. I have watched with almost disbelief lately at how political discussions have been either mud slinging sessions or "talking points" slinging sessions. Politics has is no longer about reasoned discussion about the validity of ideas and their effectiveness in government and the private sectors but rather an angry exchange of the same old talking points expressed again and again.
Lux: Strike 1: While I am an Obama and a Democratic Party supporter, I am NOT less than informed. I am more informed than many on the right.

So when I get accused of being a spokesperson for conservative talking points I have to laugh. No Mr. Gibson (yes you), my believe system is rooted in much deeper things.

The truth is that our founding fathers (and no, this has nothing to do with Glen Beck) understood and discussed philosophy. When they founded our nation they understood the influence and importance of having a firm philosophical foundation for our nations constitution. In our current times, this is lost. People are lost in a world of ideas and buzz worlds that have lost any firm philosophical basis even though they are rooted in it. The problem is that those who use them really don't understand the basis for what they are saying. There ideas, being based only in their mind, become a kind of prison because they don't believe there is any firm foundation to root them in other than their feelings. Politics then is based more on the cult of personality and in the US, the Messianic figure of Barack Obama who is certainly no Messiah. We also listen more to entertainers like Oprah Winfrey than to those to have studied the great philosophies of the world and understand their basis.
Strike 2: He spelled belief system as "believe system." Proof that the Far-Right can't spell right.
In fact, the Founding Fathers would be sickened by what Glenn Beck is saying.

Those like Mr. Gibson have been sold a product that like any other product that the television sells based on nothing more than an appeal to the senses. The promise of a world in which pain is minimized and pleasure is maximized. That is classic Peter Singer but of course, My Gibson would rather spend his time attacking people rather than really learning what he is being sold. If you eat a lot of sugar Mr. Gibson, you get diabetes and in time, if that is not taken care of then your organs die. That is what is happening to our nation. Those foundations most importantly the constitution, care dying under the corruptive influence of relativistic poltiical ideologies.

Believe it or not, people like me are not part of some Republican conspiracy. To be honest, I don't like either party. Tea party is also a term invented by the left. Call me whatever you want but at least I know the basis for my beliefs and you Mr. Gibson, can go on believing the lie but don't be surprised when the bill collector comes to your door and there will be no one to save you, because the nation that gave you freedom and liberty has been "fundamentally transformed".

Strike 3: This man is making insults about my weight, my political beliefs, and everything having to do with me.

I bet Dana Loesch will call me a "Liberal Stalker and a Troll who's snooping on me."


Some of Lux_Seeker's tweets:
Lux_Seeker @JGibsonATRL noticed you did not respond to ny tweets. Not interested in intellegent discourse?
@JGibsonATRL @DLoesch Mr. Gibson - a little blog I wrote regarding talking points and the tweets I sent you:

Jimi971: So @stlactivisthub if you don't condemn @jgibsonatrl for his violent comments toward @dloesch ? I'm only to assume you comply.

So Adam @stlactivisthub You've nothing to say in regards to @jgibsonatrl 's violence toward @dloesch His racist comments? C'mon Adam.

So I guess that @stlactivisthub can claim & hint anything he wants about Tea, but when one of his friends threatens violence & shows racism?

So @stlactivisthub I'm gathering by your non-response that your friend Justin's violent threats 2 @dloesch & racist banter is ok with you??

You are out of your league @jgibsonatrl, and also I would suggest you chill on your violent banter toward @dloesch . Take it for what I say.
So @jgibsonatrl says @dloesch "should hang from Rams goal post"/burn in hell"/have her head sewn off/Now obvious racist? @stlactivisthub ok?

Jimi971's talking shit about Liberals as always.

Bone Blog and my harsh retort towards Jimi971:
@Jimi971: You are all of those things that I'm accused of. For the love of god, please go back to sucking @DLoesch's pussy.

You are a deluded jackass who likes going around harassing Liberals like me, @STLActivistHub, @JakeWagman, MMfA, etc...

Jimi, I see your head is messed up. I see that you're too busy masturbating to @Dloesch and @SarahPalinUSA?

Well hell, @JGibsonATRL just called it like it is on @Jimi971's relationship with @dloesch.

Those were the main tweets against me for this weekend.

Update: Dana Loesch did NOT mention Lux's blog trashing me.

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