Facebook yanks Anti-Dana Loesch Fans group, Dana The Coward's at it again

Just yesterday, I got some upsetting news over at facebook, in that they decided to yank one of my groups, the Anti-Dana Loesch Fans group. I bet some Loesch-loving sycophant (Jimi971 being one) and/or Dana herself did this stunt and reported it ON PURPOSE.


The group "Anti-Dana Loesch Fans" has been removed because it violated our Terms of Use. Among other things, groups that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed. We also take down groups that attack an individual or group, or advertise a product or service. Continued misuse of Facebook's features could result in your account being disabled.
They did this to mine, but yet Facebook gets away with people who create groups/pages who threaten Obama and Liberals/Democrats.

Now to Adam Shriver's piece from St. Louis Activist Hub:

Profiles in Cowardice: Loesch Attacks Feminists Then Runs Scared

Dana Loesch wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Examiner doing her typical logic-inverted gibberish routine about how the people who fight for the rights of oppressed people (i.e. people who inevitably aren't neocons or tea partiers) are actually the ones who are secretly responsible for the oppression. In this case, she was claiming that feminists are actually responsible for "a political ploy to tether women to The Man."

As she always does when discussing feminism, Loesch makes sure to bring in some physical references about how the people she's arguing agaisnst are somehow lacking in some "femininity" or some physical characteristic. For example, when I tuned in to her radio show after the Emily's List mama grizzly video came out, she made sure to repeatedly make claims that the membership of Emily's List has "hair lips." For some reason, Loesch can't seem to talk about women's issues without bringing it back to physical appearance, which some might say is also a way in which women are kept down.


I back up Shriver on this one. Dana Loesch is indeed a big coward towards people who disagree with her.

Jimi971 gets praised by STL Teabaggers

Jimi971 harasses not only Shriver, but Jake Wagman, me, and Russ Carnahan.

Anyway, St. Louis tea party leaders Dana Loesch and Bill Hennessy are so thrilled with Jimi's insightful comments, that they both consistently recommend him during that Twitter ritual known as "Follow Friday:"


Jimi's tweets toward me:

  1. Jimi971 @JGibsonATRL You are a warped childish individual Gibson. Out of of Ridalin today?
  2. Jimi Jimi971
    @JGibsonATRL You'll find out who the real liars are soon Justin. Grow up clown.

  3. Jimi Jimi971
    @JGibsonATRL I would highly suggest you ditch your @dloesch hate real fast my friend, there is some bad mojo going down. Fair Warning.

  4. Jimi Jimi971
    @JGibsonATRL Have fun sweet cheeks.

  5. Jimi Jimi971
    @JGibsonATRL Really you ignorant fuck? Sit back because Shriver and Wagman are about to get theirs. If I were you? I'd find new heroes baby.

  6. Jimi Jimi971
    @JGibsonATRL who gives a fuck about your childish copy cat crayon blog Justin>? No one and your boyfriend is toast anway..

  7. Jimi Jimi971
    @JGibsonATRL Hey you sorry ass loser. Get a grip and hold on tight because you and your friend the activist are going down,,, Mkay. See ya!
Some of my tweet rebuttals toward him:
@Jimi971: You are an immature Teabagging whackjob who thinks @DLoesch is a hero, but really, she is nothing but a warped sicko.

  1. @Jimi971: The real liars are people like you. Then again, you're too busy jacking off to Dana Loesch to give a fuck about the truth.
  2. @Jimi971: This is America, you Teabagger. It includes the right to bash Dana Loesch for lying to the people w/ her rhetoric.

  3. @Jimi971: Who's the fartknocker? You. When November comes, there will be NO Conservative Comeback. 1994 Pt. 2 won't happen.

  4. @Jimi971: No, it is clowns like you, Dana Loesch, and the Teabaggers that are going down. Adam Shriver+Chad Garrison+Jake Wagman = Truthful.

  5. @Jimi971: This very blog calls out your hero, Dana Loesch (@DLoesch), as the liar that she is. read it. http://danabusted.blogspot.com/

Me and Jimi have had wars before. So, Jimi971, the more you spew out falsehoods, the more evidence we can use against you.

Michelle "Hypocrite" Malkin was on yesterday's The Dana Show, repeating the same old crap.

The interview at (starts around 17:40 of Hour 1, go to 08.23): http://www.971talk.com/dana/podcast.aspx


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