ALERT: Russ Carnahan states that the man involved was ex-campaign worker

Looks like the STL Teabagger Noise Machine's out in full-on distortion mode and cranked up to 19.

Updated from earlier in the day: Russ Carnahan (D) says that the man linked to the firebombing was an ex-campaign worker. Jake Wagman of the Post-Dispatch/STLToday.com has this.

Rep. Carnahan: Man linked to office firebombing was ex-campaign worker

The campaign office of Rep. Russ Carnahan was firebombed early Tuesday morning, Aug. 17, 2010. Photo by Jake Wagman

ST. LOUIS -- U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan has confirmed that the individual linked to a firebombing at his office was a former campaign worker.

The St. Louis Democrat said in a news conference Wednesday outside his campaign headquarters on Chippewa Street -- which, last week, was the target of an arson that caused minor damage -- that the man questioned by police in the incident had worked as a canvasser for his campaign.

The Aug. 17 fire began after an incendiary device was thrown into a room in the campaign office through a back window.

Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the one room -- which the campaign uses for its finance operation -- leaving a charred table and documents.

Russ Carnahan is seeking his fourth term in Congress. He is locked in a tough re-election contest with Republican Ed Martin, who previously condemned the arson attack.


Dana Loesch whining about "the media had better apologize" shit as usual:

Carnahan Confirms Powers Firebomb Story

August 25, 2010
by DanaLoesch

Now that Carnahan has ended speculation, I expect to see a full apology from local “blogger” Chad Garrison apologizing to activists for the disparaging reporting as well as a full retraction for the falsehood that activists left a coffin in Carnahan’s yard during the spring, a story proven false by oh, facts and also Betsey Bruce’s reporting which showed, on camera, the coffin in the garage of one Bill Hennessy. I won’t hold my breath.

If anyone should give out retractions, it's you, Dana! But, sadly, that won't happen as Loesch will believe this lie till kingdom come and doesn't give ONE crap about the truth. I bet you the entire land of Warren County that Dana'll be screaming that "Democrats are violent people" card tomorrow on The Dana Show.


Michelle Malkin (the vile scumbag who writes for the St. Louis Globe Democrat), via her blog, deceptively edited a blogpost to make it that the "Teabaggers are persecuted" meme fits in.

Michelle Malkin picks up on the story from the local tea party irresponsibly accusing someone of vandalism before the facts are out and falsely claiming that the media was "blaming the St. Louis tea party." I've already discussed much of this, so I'll just focus on her misleading edit.


The Daily RFT has this:

Carnahan Addresses Allegations Firebomb Suspect Worked for Re-Election Campaign

Daily RFT
Carnahan: Says No. 1 priority is safety of his staff.
Correction to this story appears below.

Congressman Russ Carnahan held a press conference today to address allegations that the suspect of last week's firebombing of his campaign headquarters worked for his re-election campaign.

"Law authorities have done thorough interviews," said Carnahan, who added that he's been reticent to talk about the issue out of concern of "hindering" the police investigation. "The fact is that no one has yet been charged with a crime."

The blog Gateway Pundit today reported that Powers was upset that he hadn't been paid for his campaign work. Carnahan, however, denied that claim.
Correction: This story originally indicated that Carnahan confirmed the firebombing suspect worked for his campaign. That's not accurate. Carnahan confirmed that Powers once worked for his campaign but did not confirm that he was actually a police subject in the case.


Jimi971, Dana Loesch's BFF, had this crazy tweet:

Hey @chadgarrison @stlactivisthub Sorry, but your Tea Party sucker punch missed by a mile... http://bit.ly/cpV2e8

Well, Jimi971, Chad Garrison and Adam Shriver have been telling the truth throughout this story. Dana and her cronies have been fibbing.


I at first thought it was done by some Teabagger aided by Dana Loesch's rants. But it's not the case here. But since Chris Powers was NOT an actual subject in this, he remains innocent. However, the local Teabagger Noise Cabal, led by Hoft, Hennessy, and Loesch (Ultimate Satan)-- the 3 Devils of St. Louis-- are all out wanting him guilty.

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