Dana Loesch, Jim Hoft, Sharp Elbows falsely claim that Chris Powers (the firebomber) is a "Democrat Operative"

The STL Teabagger noise machine, led by Jim Hoft, Dana Loesch, Sharp Elbows, etc..., ere falsely claiming that Chris Powers, the person who was behind the firebombing, was a "Democrat Operative."

First from race-baiter Jim Hoft, who is a habitual distortion artist:

Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, August 25, 2010, 8:48 AM

Last Tuesday August 17, 2010, Rep. Russ Carnahan’s office was reportedly vandalized and “firebombed” at 2 AM in the morning. Hours later police arrested a suspect for the crime and held him for several hours.

Of course, when the “firebombing” was reported local leftists blamed the tea party activists.

Dem operative and firebomber Chris Powers is the sweaty one pictured here on right during a rally for nationalized health care. Powers is was a paid canvasser for Russ Carnahan.

Powers is a man on the edge, who has suffered a lot of personal trauma in the recent past. Powers, a radical leftist, is accused of a pretty serious crime in what could only be considered a desperate cry for help.


So, Jim Hoft is lying about Chris Powers being a Democrat Operative. It's YOUR fault, Gateway Pundit, for allowing it to happen.

Next, Missouri's #1 Villain, Dana Loesch, baselessly posts this screed by calling the firebomber a "Democrat Plant."

*UPDATE: Carnahan “Firebombing” an Inside Job?

Did the Carnahan camp know this possible truth and consent by silence to the media’s attempt to trump this up as a tea party incident? If this is true, doesn’t this make the fourth incident in which people associated with the Carnahan campaign have run afoul of the law and have engaged in illegal behavior? Why didn’t the Russ Carnahan campaign correct the narrative of the local alternative weekly and Jake Wagman’s subtle suggestion that it was a tea partier? Because he’s in the campaign of his life and is desperate for anything, even the sympathy vote?

The alternative weekly’s (RFT) heinously irresponsible “blogger” – who once admitted, in print, his inability to vet his posts because he lacked the skills to write ten posts a day and be accurate – and the daily’s Jake Wagman need to issue retractions and clarifications, respectively, and the Russ Carnahan campaign needs to issue an apology for allowing this charade to be pinned on the very people whom he seeks to represent.


from @DLoesch: The irresponsible "journalists" who are hard up to pin this crap on the tea party can save their last bit of credibility by apologizing now.

My rebuttal: @DLoesch: No, it was YOUR fault that the firebomber was allowed to do what he wanted to. YOU are an enabler of violence, Dana!

Wow, this woman is a fraud, plain and simple. I heard there's a room in Hell for you, right next door to Brian Nieves, Ms. Liaresch!

So, Dana's fibbing out of both sides of her mouth on this. She's claiming that Russ Carnahan was somehow culpable for this, when we all know that she's the one responsible for the incident.
Also, she's playing the "Blame the Union Thugs/SEIU Thugs Card" again... this time with the Dollar Tree allegedly hiring out-of-state non-union workers. Loesch will still NOT drop the "Union Thugs beat up Gladney" nonsense, and likely won't.

Finally, the distorting buttmunch Adam Sharp aka SharpElbows.com. says this:

Guy Who FireBombed Carnahan Office Is A DEMOCRAT OPERATIVE!

I asked Russ about this very guy (Chris Powers) last night...he declined to comment.

So, SharpElbows has a doctored video regarding Carnahan being asked about the firebomber. He has had a history of doctored videotapes, just like Bob McCarty.

Now, the real facts, not the spin put out by the STL Teabaggers:

Kinder Inexplicably Tries To Score Political Points On Apparent Arson

Peter Kinder saw St. Louis Tea Party bloggers getting excited about who might be behind the apparent arsonat Russ Carnahan's campaign office, and decided that the most responsible course of action would be for him to join in. As far as I know, charges have not been filed by the local prosecutor's office, but Kinder didn't let that stop him from signing his initials -- and #FiredPelosi hashtag -- to "Guy Who FireBombed Carnahan Office Is A DEMOCRAT OPERATIVE!"


Fired Up! Missouri calls out Peter Kinder for using the firebombing to score cheap political touchdowns for his bastard Repuke buddies in Jeff City. He is just like any other Republican, a low-life scum who's worried more about winning elections than giving a damn about the Missouri people.

UPDATE: Adam Shriver's STL Activist Hub just put this up about 15 minutes ago.

Tea Partiers Claiming That "Democratic Operative" Bombed Carnahan's Office

Jim Hoft, Dana Loesch, and others are claiming, based on Jim Hoft's "insider information," that the person arrested for trying to set fire to Russ Carnahan's office was a liberal blogger with ties to the Democratic Party. They are also falsely claiming that local reporters "blamed" the tea party for the initial attack, and are hilariously demanding retractions and apologies. Amazingly, Loesch is also claiming that the Carnahan campaign needs to apologize for having their office firebombed. Here are the relevant bits:

So, a little context. First of all, no credible media outlet has reported the information about who the suspect is: only Jim Hoft. Hoft also claimed last week that he had "inside information" that it was a burglary, which was false. Second, even if Hoft's information is true, the information was really only about a suspect. Recall that the person who was originally picked up by police was released because of a lack of evidence that he did anything. In other words, as far as any responsible agency or entity knows, there is no credible evidence who did it yet.

Loesch and Hoft hilariously claim that Jake Wagman and Chad Garrison should apologize for accusing the tea party of setting of the firebomb. Unfortunately for them, neither Wagman nor Garrison did anything of the sort. Unlike the St. Louis tea party, they did not actually accuse people of committing a crime before the evidence was in. Here's what Garrison said:
Perhaps, he joined his fellow "patriots" earlier this year when they burned Carnahan's photo in effigy or placed a coffin on the sidewalk outside his home. On second thought, maybe he's not a Tea Party member. Firebombing your opponent's office seems a little too, um, sane for that group.



  1. "Given what we know of him -- 50, white, angry -- he certainly fits the demographics of a Tea Party member."

    Yes, they didn't blame anyone.

    And you fit the profile of a pedophile, rapist, and closet bed-wetter.

    See, nothing wrong with that, no claims you ever did anything wrong, nothing to apologize for. Just because I say you fit the profile of an axe-wielding serial killer doesn't mean I'm saying anything I should apologize for... right?

    I'm sure you're proud that you fit the profile of a child molester. Or at least accept that it's the case, and that I haven't said anything wrong.

    Or would you think maybe this is an inappropriate comment and not the sort of thing you approve of? Naah, it's no more an accusation than what Chad did, and you're defending that; so this must be fine.

  2. I just read through all this blathering nonsense to see what "Dana Lied!!!" about...and found not a single verifiable fact to contradict anything you report Dana having said, but you certainly let the profane vitriol spew forth (as all you tiny-brained liberals will do when cornered and bereft of a single fact to back your position).


  3. Bartski, Dana is lying and I have evidence to back up my claims. See ya, troll!

  4. How old are you? 12?

    I bet you'll be crying in your mom's basement election night.. I'll try not to make to much noise upstairs but you know how loud your mom can be..

  5. Hey, you little right-wing Loesch-loving stalker, I do NOT live in Mom's basement, you dirty little Teabagger!


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