Loesch cries like a baby about Juan "Fake Democrat" Williams

STL Tea Party hack Dana Loesch wants to defund NPR, saying that it is a "Socialist, conservative-Hating partisan radio station."

Adam Shriver of the St. Louis Activist Hub warned about that behavior from her:

Dana Loesch Wants to Defund NPR

I just thought all the moderates and sane conservatives would want to know that.

Dana Loesch had this tweet calling for NPR's defunding:
Sorry, but when you're a force-funded station and you routinely smear conservatives and fire people for speech ... #DefundNPR
PBS all white ... NPR hates conservatives ... screw government funded radio and television.

Well, Ms.Loesch, the NPR will NOT be defunded unless the Repubs take it back, and that's scary if they do. She had a huge hissyfit over NPR's firing of Juan Williams on yesterday's The Dana Show.

Lines are packed. Inbox is exploding. People are outraged over @npr and Juan Williams, the last of true classical liberals.
She tried to claim that Juan Williams was a "classical Liberal," but that claim was false as he was behaving like a Fixed Noise stooge, even on NPR for several years now, just like Mara Liasson.

== From 10.22.2010's N4 Awake on KMOV

BTW, Ben Evans lost the debate.

Dana STILL won't let go of NCAAP/"Union Thugs" beating up Gladney falsehoods, and likely won't.
NAACP kicks cameras from presser, lies abt Gladney presser, and refuses to repudiate documented NAACP racism http://bit.ly/9naMTl

Loesch is also misleadingly claiming that the "Democrats are stealing elections as usual."
I think we need as many poll watchers as possible to prevent more DOJ cover-ups.

The ones that steal elections are the Republicans, like what happened with Bush/Gore/Nader in 2000 in Florida and Ohio in 2004, plus countless other elections.

For the love of Christ, grow up and quit being a 4th grader, Dana! This woman has called me a "momma's basement troll," when in fact I do not even live with my mother and doesn't even have a basement. This woman has threatened to put a restraining order on me for simply calling her out on her bullshit.

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