Emmis should fire Loesch for promoting violence against Liberals

More violence promoting from St. Louis' Most Dangerous Person, Dana Loesch.
Last night, she was on Parker/Spitzer and AC360, which Paul Begala owned her.

The insane as hell Dana Loesch demands that the person stomped on apologize. Well, Dana, it is vermin scum like you that needs to apologize.

Adam Shriver's St. Louis Activist Hub had this story out in calling out Loesch's reckless rhetoric:

Loesch: Woman Should Apologize For Having Her Neck Stomped On By Rand Paul Supporter

Dana Loesch is joining Gateway Pundit in condoning violence against a liberal woman who had the audacity of being present at a Rand Paul event. Loesch said that the woman was asking for it and the poor angry mob of conservative men just had no choice but to "restrain" her by stomping on her neck, giving her a concussion:

My rip on her for her arrogance:

@Dloesch: You are a lying little scumbag that's an absolute arrogant bullshit diva. #DLRS

Dana, what that Conservative did was wrong + WAS curbstomped. YOU owe an apology to Boehlert. 4 minutes ago JGibsonDem

Loesch is disgusting, even to conservatives:

Remember, Loesch calls herself a "conservative feminist." Call me an optimist, but I actually believe that there are conservative feminists, and that they would want nothing to do with a horrible human being like Loesch.

Other tweets that Loesch mentioned that she was insane:

Those of you who never spoke up for Gladney, Owens, or Bautsch, spare me your fake outrage.

Still nothing from @EricBoehlert on Kelly Owens.

Anyone else need their arse wiped or hand held today? I'm going to start charging soon.

@Karoli But it was OK for SEIU to beat Kelly Owens. You're so one dimensional. Please. Go back to whatever blog you write.

@Karoli Hey, it's mid-identifying Karoli! Still have me blocked because I called you out on your hackneyed reporting skillz?

Still waiting for @EricBoehlert to condemn the beating of Kelly Owens by SEIU. Are you that scared to touch the subject, Eric?

@OriginalKrillin Happened the same night as Gladney. SEIU was n the attack and people like @MMFA defended the actions.

When will @EricBoehlert condemn Owens beating, on camera, witnessed by cops?

Watching @EricBoehlert try to spin a MoveOn employee lunging and stalking Paul - yet he's terrified to touch Gladney/Owens.

  1. Tolerant liberals! FYI - yes, I do notify FBI, yes I do pursue full legal criminal and civil action.
  2. Karolenna wrote: "Right now I want to kill something. Anything. If only Palin or you were here now."

Sorry political tweeters, @dloesch has declared that no one is allowed to talk abt politics until they buy tea party conspiracy theories.

Jim Hoft, who started the fracas, was where Loesch got her ideas from:

Following last night's debate between Kentucky Senate candidates Rand Paul and Jack Conway, MoveOn.org activist Lauren Valle reportedly attempted to give Paul a fake award. According to the Associated Press, Paul's supporters responded by wrestling Valle to the ground; one of them then repeatedly stomped on her head:

Jim Hoft, at the least, is reacting to this incident with barely concealed glee.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised at this sort of thing after a conservative consultant asked "why the MMFA boys don't get curbstomped fortnightly."

= Barbara Morrill of Daily Kos had this:

Now we know why Rand Paul spent the past twelve or so hours blaming the vicious assault of Lauren Valle by his supporters on "both sides" and a "daze of lights flashing" -- because one of the assailants is Tim Profitt, the Bourbon County coordinator for Paul's campaign.

According to Mr. Profitt:

... the camera angle made the scuffle Monday night appear worse that it was.

Of course it wasn't "a supporter" since it took one man to hold Valle down and one to stomp her head, and it wasn't an "incident," it was an assault. And of course Paul didn't bother to mention that one of the attackers is a part of his campaign.



Contacts to denounce Loesch's violent antics on-air:
Please e-mail Emmis STL: jaallen@stl.emmis.com
Dana Loesch: dloesch@971talk.com.

I think that Dana Loesch NEEDS to be fired by Emmis for her actions. She is a parasite and poison to St. Louis's airwaves.


Limbaugh, Loesch join chorus blaming MoveOn for activist beating

October 26, 2010 4:56 pm ET by Sean Easter

Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh also shifted the blame onto Valle and MoveOn, asking "What if somebody from MoveOn had tried to move through the crowd and give something to President Obama? What would the Secret Service have done?" Limbaugh called Valle a "professional agitator," and claimed that reports of the assault were exaggerations, saying: "Her head was not stepped on, her shoulders were." Limbaugh also made sure to note Valle's activism with regards to Citibank, Tibet, and the Gulf oil spill.

Big Journalism.com editor Dana Loesch has also chimed in, tweeting: "So let me get this right. Another paid Soros activist tries to incite violence at debate, was restrained. MoveOn owes apology."


From Fired Up! Missouri!: http://www.firedupmissouri.com/content/dana-loesch-wants-moveonorg-apologize-letting-staffer-place-her-head-under-angry-mans-foot

Dana Loesch Wants MoveOn.org To Apologize For Letting Staffer Place Her Head Under Angry Man's Foot

Via St. Louis Activist Hub, I see that FM NewsTalk 97.1 radio personality and St. Louis Tea Party leader Dana Loesch is calling on MoveOn.org to apologize for causing a conservative activist to stomp on the head of one of their staffers when she was laying on the ground outside a debate between Rand Paul and Jack Conway in Lexington, Kentucky.

And how many crazy things will Dana Loesch need to say before officials, candidates and activists stop supporting her brand of hateful politics?

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