Dana Loesch being a racist yet again, lying about the NAACP

In today's BigJournalism (aka BigFraudulism) entry by Teabagger Dana Loesch, she falsely claims that the NAACP are "racists". Let's not forget her pal Jim Hoft's own problems on this topic.

The NAACP is back again with yet another attempt to defame and smear the multicultural tea party movement.

Strike 1: July 2010 the NAACP’s demand for tea party racism repudiation fell flat when video emerged the day before showing an NAACP press conference where the victim of a racially-motivated crime was mocked, called an “uncle Tom,” slurred, and had his melanin content questioned.
trike 2: The NAACP releases teapartytracker.org, a website devoted to all things tea party extremist.

NAACP “proof” of tea party extremism:

Picture 2

Picture 1

Still no word from the NAACP on BushHitler.

STRIKE 3: The NAACP realized their mistake with the last statement and this time brought in the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. The IREHR is a group comprised of liberal journalists and activists who are led by ideology and seek to use their bias against conservatives as a fulcrum to further push apart the country. I would bet that most – I really believe all but I’m being generous – have never been to a tea party event like UCLA grad student Emily Ekins.

Yes, I remember that when a far-left “reporter” asked the SPLC to comment on local television if they thought that I and St. Louis Tea Party Co-Founder Bill Hennessy were Klansmen because of our belief in more individual liberty.

You get the idea.

In St. Louis the local NAACP sent out a press release – yes, the same NAACP who publicly mocked and used slurs against Kenneth Gladney, the man beaten in the parking lot of a Russ Carnahan townhall by SEIU workers (Kelly Owens was punched in the face, police witnesses, on camera, by a woman with SEIU) and essentially stated at their press conference that Gladney wasn’t black enough for the NAACP’s help.

What Loesch did was make excuses for White Supremacy.

Today's TeaPartyNationalism.com report had this regarding the STL Tea Party:
The St. Louis Tea Party passed a resolution which included language that: “The very term ‘racist’ has diminished meaning due to its overuse by political partisans including members of the NAACP.”240
Must Read: Tea Party Nationalism Report

It is here, at the conjunction of nativism, opposition to birthright citizenship, the denigration
of President Obama, and the fear of the new majority in American life, that the unstated racism
embedded within the Tea Parties becomes vocal and unmistakable.
The Tea Party Caucus:
Name Party State Dist HIRC MEM HR 1868 Co-Sponsor
Robert Aderholt R AL 4 YES NO
Roscoe Bartlett R MD 6 YES YES
Trent Franks R AZ 2 YES YES
Pete Hoekstra R MI 2 YES NO
John Shadegg R AZ 3 YES YES
Michele Bachmann R MN 6 YES NO
Wally Herger R CA 2 YES YES
Todd Akin R MO 2 YES YES
Tom McClintock R CA 4 NO YES
Blaine Luetkemeyer R MO 9 YES NO
Gary Miller R CA 42 YES YES
Gregg Harper R MS 3 NO NO
Ed Royce R CA 40 YES YES
Denny Rehberg R MT At-large NO NO
Mike Coffman R CO 6 YES YES
Howard Coble R NC 6 YES YES
Doug Lamborn R CO 5 YES YES
Sue Wilkins Myrick R NC 9 YES YES
Gus Bilirakis R FL 9 YES YES
Adrian Smith R NE 3 YES YES
Ander Crenshaw R FL 4 NO YES
Joe Wilson R S C 2 YES YES
Cliff Stearns R FL 6 YES YES
Phil Roe R TN 1 YES NO
Paul Broun R GA 10 YES YES
Zach Wamp R TN 3 YES YES
Phil Gingrey R GA 11 YES YES
Joe Barton R TX 6 YES NO
Tom Graves R GA 9 NO NO
Michael Burgess R TX 26 YES YES
Tom Price R GA 6 YES YES


This is further proof that she is deliberately race-baiting to provoke her fanbase.

= UPDATE: She labeled me as a "Liberal momma's basement stalker" and this blog as "mommasbasement.blogspot.com". the real url for this site is danabusted.blogspot.com.

LOESCH: "...They had it all, you guys, they had it all. They're gonna need therapy, and I don't get yous all too optimistic and not vote. I want to win and leave corpses in my wake. Let's see how that's spun on mommasbasement.blogspot.com. Imagine-- you know why I say that are like, wait a minute, 'I play that game.' I'm not talking about you guys, being that because that you are Conservative and all, obviously have lives, girlfriends, and get laid. So you have children, family, and all of that, so it's okay. I'm not talking about you. You guys know who I'm talking about: mommasbasement.blogspot.com. That's not even a real url. Someone's gonna create it. I'm positive.

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