Parker and Spitzer give Dana Loesch unnecessary credibility

St. Louis's own Tea Party Conservative hack Dana Loesch was asked five off-set questions by Parker/Spitzer producer Jay Kernis.

Here is one of those five questions :

Are you raising your sons with what might be called Tea Party values? If so, what are those values?

If a desire to adhere to the Constitution, be self-sufficient, and take pride in our protected freedoms is considered such, I suppose I am. In my household we avoid party labels and stereotypes when discussing politics, even just my husband and I in front of our boys, because I want their allegiance to liberty, not to party, a marketing gimmick, or rhetoric.

Parties are infallible and make mistakes and we often make the mistake of measuring Democrats against Republicans or Republicans against Democrats instead of measuring candidates against the Constitution.

The biggest, most important value with which we're raising our sons is care for their fellow man through faith. The criticism against big government stems from government acting to serve when people have failed to do so for each other. I don't believe that you can advocate as a limited government person of faith without seeking to do for your fellow man that which you forbid of the government. People's failure to care for their fellow man as instructed to by faith opens the door for expanded, often oppressive, government.

More proof that people like Loesch have ruined CNN for us Liberals and Moderates, and even a few Conservatives.

Dana Loesch was just on Parker/Spitzer tonight. She thinks it's "kittens and sunshine," but it is not. Loesch is still defending the rich and loves to play the "Article 1, Section 8" card. She is repeating discredited screeds and ducking tough questions as always. At least this time they spelled her name right.

From the 12.20.2010 edition of CNN's Parker/Spitzer:


Why the hell is CNN letting Loesch get away with her crap with little or no pushback? A REAL news organization wouldn't allow her on solo, or at all. She has done more harm to St. Louis than even the ultra-Conservative Phyllis Schlalfly ever did. Dana, I heard that there will be coal this Christmas for you.


  1. at least we know what kittens and sunshine are.,,what are hope and change?


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