More fact-free spin from Breitfart crony Dana Loesch, claiming that a "Progressive attacked Nixon"

Yesterday on Big Journalism, EIC Dana Loesch makes an ass out of herself, by claming that "Nixon was beaten up by a Progressive." Well, that's proven to be a lie, as Casey Brezik did NOT go after Jay Nixon, but a dean from Penn Valley Community College.

Here's the lie-ridden rubbish from Breitfart's Big Journalism:

I’d ask if you remember the story of a Democrat governor being attacked last year, but chances are you’d say “no.” Last year when Missouri Governor – my governor – Jay Nixon had an attempt made on his life the local media said nothing – borderline concealed – the leanings of the attacker. The story of 22-year-old Casey Brezik didn’t go national (Brezik slashed the throat of a dean he mistook for Nixon) there were no calls for New Tone because the attacker was a far left-leaning, Che-loving, radical.

The Truth is that Brezik stabbed a Penn Valley Community College dean instead:

JEFFERSON CITY — A man accused of stabbing a Kansas City college official intended to attack Gov. Jay Nixon instead and mistakenly believed he had done so, police said Thursday.

The suspect, 22-year-old Casey Brezik, did not know Nixon and had no particularconflict with the governor, but he decided to attack him because he was a top government official, Kansas City police spokesman Darin Snapp said.

Brezik, of Raytown, is charged with two felony counts each of first-degree assault and armed criminal action. A Jackson County judge entered not guilty pleas on his behalf during a court appearance Wednesday.

Brezik did not have an attorney in court and no attorney was listed for him Thursday on Missouri's online court records. The public defender's office did not immediately return messages Thursday.

Albert Dimmitt Jr., the dean of instruction at Penn Valley Community College, was stabbed in the neck Tuesday while waiting for Nixon to arrive for a news conference about federal grants for high-speed Internet projects. Nixon was still at a Kansas City airport when the attack occurred.The event was canceled.
People like Dana Loesch will lie about anything in the book about a Democrat, and this story proves why Loesch is NOT a trusted source for anything, except to get brainwashed.


  1. She said that Brezik mistook the dean for Nixon. She didn't insinuate anything else. This site lacks commonsense. All your points against this woman are easily dismissed. brainwashed? wow.

  2. Hey, Dana-loving troll, this site has more Common Sense than her.


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