Loesch starts the phony "no meta4s" aka (no metaphors) trend on Twitter

Today, St. Louis Teahadist fraudster Dana Loesch started yet another phony trend: #NoMeta4s. (aka #NoMetaphors). Not surprisingly, her braindead Danaheads also did it.

Here are some of the silliest examples of the #NoMeta4s movement:

Too bad we wont be able to "Burn" CD's & DVD's anymore

No longer will we be able to use the term "dead heat" when describing a close election.

@ Will there be a new term for "money shot"?

Tommy Grooms
Does this mean I'm not allowed to listen to "The Killers" anymore?

Ezra Dulis
Uh oh: we can no longer describe hot conservative babes as drop dead gorgeous.

Roxeanne de Luca
No more shopping at Target!

So no more blonde bombshells?

Guess, Socialists need to "bite the bullet" is off the table and certainly no more "ripping them a new one"

Billy Andrews
as a guitarist "break a leg" "shred" "kill" and "making it scream" are from here on out forbidden

Dana Loesch
I also denounce all metaphors because we as humans are apparently too susceptible and unintelligent to not take them literally.

Dana Loesch

This, coming from a woman who regularly advocates violence, sounds suspicious to me.

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