Loesch defends Bachmann's use of Teleprompters, while trashing Obama's use of them

Dana Loesch loves to complain about Teleprompters, especially Obama's use of them. Well, at CPAC 2010, Loesch herself used the teleprompters, as did Marco Rubio, who whined about Obama using one while doing the same damn thing. She defended Michele Bachmann's use of the teleprompters.

If you watched Rep. Bachmann’s response for the Tea Party Express, you may have noted how she was looking over your left shoulder somewhere. Instead of comparing the Tea Party Express webcast to the pool broadcast and realizing that Bachmann was staring the webcase to America dead-on (rhetoric!), they assumed she must hate America or be a conservative bimbo who can’t work the TOTUS like the POTUS.

Here is proof that she used teleprompters for the 2010 CPAC event.

Media Matters gives a nice rebuttal to Loesch's fact-free screed:

It's ironic, of course, because Obama-hating bloggers have mocked the president's use of a teleprompter for years now. He uses it correctly and usually looks into the correct camera when giving a speech. But bloggers have latched onto the idea that it's novel (and telling) that Obama uses a teleprompter.

But guess what? After Bachmann's TV debacle, bloggers like the ones who work for Andrew Breitbart, have announced teleprompters don't matter!

This is example #13,400 that Loesch lies about anything in order to get Breitbart cred.


  1. Dana needs a sandwich, for starters. A clue would be nice as well, though it might undercut her facility with fluff-brained B.S. slinging.


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