Who is behind JustinGibsonBusted.blogspot.com? Some right-wing nutty loon.

Yet another day of ridiculous attacks from Dana Loesch and her followers against this blogger for simply reporting on Loesch's deceptions and lies. And someone on the right was loony and brazen enough to create JustinGibsonbBusted.blogspot.com to deceitfully smear me for being a liberal progressive.

Loesch herself gives the smear site validity:
 Deception-based lies about me repeated:
Justin Gibson is a Granite City, Illinois resident who has cyber stalked radio personality Dana Loesch for over four years both on social media networks and by way of repeatedly emailing her radio station contact (to which he has publicly admitted). He once commented that she should hang "from the Rams's goalposts."
He has told her that she should burn in hell:

While also making a seemingly racist comment about a St. Louis radio talent below (same screenshot as above):

He has also threatened that she "should have your head sewn off."

St. Louis-based progressives often retweet and encourage Gibson, whose website is devoted solely to Loesch including photos, videos of her, tracking of her media schedule, and monitoring of her radio show. 
This page will remain up as long as this man persists in harassing and scaring Loesch with his abusive and aggressive behavior.
"What the fuck is Jason DeRulo doing on KYKY (Y98)? I guess the Blacks have invaded a once good station."

Who is exactly behind the blog JustinGibsonBusted.blogspot.com? Is it Dana Loesch herself or one of her fans?  I'm guessing one of her delusional fans, known as "Stop The Hate."

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