Dana Loesch visits Madison, Wisconsin, and lies her butt off

Yesterday in Madison, Wisconsin, CNN "Contributor" and paid GOP hack who pretends to be an independent Conservative Dana Loesch spoke at the Wisconsin Tax Day Rally, which was of course attacks on Democratsunions, supporters of Walker's recall, and liberals.

At the Tax Day Rally, Loesch relied on her numerous falsehoods.

Key Points

  • She declared Wisconsin "ground zero" between unions and union-busters. Guess which side she's on? (approx. 0:57)
  • Loesch: "We are fighting the Reds." (Reds in this case is code for anti-Walker/Kleefisch and pro-union activists) (approx. 1:28)
  • She falsely claims that the "Democrats have launched the 'War On (Stay-At-Home) Moms.'" (approx. 1:48)
  • She mentions that she was a former registered Democrat, but when September 11th, 2011 hit, Loesch said: "good-bye Dems and I thank God we have a Republican in office." (approx. 2:00)
  • Loesch: "I left that party (Democrat Party) of motley crews, rudeness, crassness, and absolute Marxist confusion because of the way they exploited women" (approx. 2:18) No, Dana, it's the GOP that's exploiting women, you asshole!
  • She misleadingly accuses the Democratic Party of launching a "war on women." Wrong, Ms. Loesch! (approx. 2:35)
  • She was cheerleading for the corrupt Lt. Gov of Wisconsin, Rebecca Kleefisch (R), who happens to be the subject of a recall. (approx. 2:44)
  • She slammed the Democrats, SEIU, AFL-CIO, and other liberal-leaning groups for calling out people like her. (approx. 2:59)
  • She misleadingly attacks Democrats as "sexists, misogynists, and creeps." (approx. 4:00)
  • Loesch was telling lies about the history of the Democratic Party. (approx. 5:00)
  • She falsely states that Walker's "reforms" are "saving the state thousands of dollars." Wrong, Walker's bankrupted that state. (approx. 5:38)
  • Loesch: "I'm a hard-working, private sector, homeschooling mom." (approx. 5:45)
  • Loesch: "The Democrats and unions want to rob our money, our benefits, our children's education." (approx. 6:01)
  • While she portrays her family as "blue-collar and hard-working," she and her husband (Chris) are anything but that. (approx. 6:29)
  • She misleadingly claims that "20,000+ jobs will be provided by the building of Keystone XL." (approx. 6:45)
  • She falsely blames the Democrats and Obama for "shutting down oil." (approx. 7:10)
  • The crowd blurted out "She [Kleefisch] rocks!" Nope, she sucks! (approx. 8:14)
  • Loesch: "The Democrats, Leftists, Liberals, Marxists, Socialists, and Fascists can bite me!" (approx. 9:00)
  • She is still attacking the Democrats for "stalling progress, reform, attacking moms, etc." That's not true, ma'am! (approx. 9:15)

Later that night, she was on CNN Newsroom with Don Lemon, and of course, she was being rude, discourteous, and just flat-out dishonest.

From the 04.14.2012 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom:

LEMON: That was just on television. Should have heard on the radio and what people were writing about, even some conservative bloggers wrote about it. One of them is here tonight. And we have quite an interesting exchange on twitter. Can't we all just get along? 
Noel Sheppard is the assistant editor or "News Busters." Boy, do I have some questions for you. And so does Goldie Taylor, and so does Dean Obeidallah. We got some questions for you. 
Well, Dana Loesch, we know you, because you're a CNN contributor and the editor of the late Andrew Breitbart's Web site, bigjournalism.com. 
So, more on the n word later guys, I just want to thank you all for joining us because I just want to talk to the conservatives. I want to just talk to the - you know, have this faith balance thing from the Democrat and then from the conservatives. This has pop to the conservatives tonight. And as I said, I don't mean the democratically approved ones or the Democrat approved one, like you guys said.
OK. So listen, there's always a spin from both sides. 
So Noel, I want to ask you this, this is -- this is right up "News Busters" alley. So, how is this so-called liberal media doing telling this story, are they getting it right so far? 
NOEL SHEPPARD, CONTRIBUTING WRITER, FOX FORUM: What you said and what Suzanne said or --? 
LEMON: No, I'm talking about hooker gate. Let's talk about the secret service. And so, I was saying the secret service, this is right up your alley. So, in your assessment, watching the media so far report this since it broke today, the so-called liberal media, how are they doing? Are they getting it right so far? 
SHEPPARD: got to tell you, Don, I'm actually not prepared to discuss that. I really didn't pay a lot of attention to the story today. I was writing about other things. 
LEMON: All right. Interesting Dana, because are conservatives going to capitalize on this, or is this something that doesn't make a difference as a reflect - at any reflection on the White House at all? 
DANA LOESCH, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I think the thing that scares me the most is you have secret service men who are assigned to protect the president of the United States, and then down -- going down to Colombia, he's not -- I mean, he's not being protected. You have them - they were supposed to be one of the part of the advance team. I think I read a little early today. I've been in Wisconsin here for a fantastic rally with Americans for Prosperity, and the Wisconsin tea party up here. 
So I came in, I was eating my dinner. I was looking at the story. And my first thought, Don, seriously was, wait a minute, now, I get we disagree with the president on policy. We disagree with Democrats. But I have a problem with the people who are assigned to protect the president not being there protecting him. So that was my first thought. And that's what I was looking into first. 
Now, in terms of, you know what the media has written or what they haven't written about it, or any sort of spin, I haven't seen anything yet. Because I still think that people are trying to get the facts out there. But long story short that was my first concern. And I hope that was everybody else's first concern, too. 
LEMON: Yes. I think what people were saying is that, OK, this is an election year, and if it was something that happened during a Republican administration, the Democrats would certainly try to spin it. And it's something that happened during a Democratic administration, while the Republicans are going to try to spin it. And so, that was my question. That was the impetus to my question, is this going to be used in an election year in the political process? 
LOESCH: Well, I don't know. Because I - some of the - I read an interview that an individual gave earlier today. Again, I've been out rallying all day. I read an interview that someone gave today who worked with the secret service. And they were saying that this is kind of a problem with the secret service that's been sort of happening for a while, and then they mentioned, was this a White House party that occurred about what a year and a half ago, two years ago, where you had the Salahis I believe, her last name was that crashed this party -- 
LEMON: Salahis. Salahis, yes. 
LOESCH: Yes, Salahis. They crashed this party. And they were able to get there. They were able to do their photo-ops. That's something that should have never happened. So from seeing that and just seeing the reports on it, this seems to be a problem that's been festering for a while. I think we need to get all the facts of the matter before we can try to play politics with it. 
LEMON: Wow. That was really - I can't believe there is some consensus on that. 
SHEPPARD: Yes, I mean. Don, I would say that as well. As I think this is kind a new story, so let's see how this plays out the next couple of days or week. Then we can get a sense how to how the media will play this. 
LEMON: OK. All right. All right. So Noel and Dana, you might have missed this moment this week. I'm joking, but any way, I just want to make sure you see it before we talk about it. Here it is. 
HILARY ROSEN, CNN POLITICAL CONTRIBUTOR: His wife has never worked a day in her life. She's never really dealt with the economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and how do we worry and why do we worry about their future. 
LEMON: OK, conservatives. Dana, is this a real conflict or is this a political or media driven story? I haven't heard, I have to be honest to you. And this is just me. This is unscientific survey here. Most of the women in my life who I have spoken to are not talking about the story and they have no idea who Hilary Rosen even is. And the only people who are talking about it are people in politics and politics in the media. 
LOESCH: I think everybody is talking about it. Within 24 hours, you had David Axelrod make a statement on it. You have -- 
LEMON: I'm talking women. I'm talking women. And people outside of the political process. 
LOESCH: As did the first lady. So Don, where are you at? 
LEMON: No, no, I said. No, no, no, listen to my question. I said people outside of politics and outside of the media. 
LOESCH: OK. I think it is a problem. I ran into a lot of women today who aren't in the media, and I had lunch with some women earlier this afternoon who actually didn't go out to the rally, and they were saying, yes, you know, we heard about this. It's a little bit unsettling, because, you know, we're mothers. We've raised children. It's kind of a problem. I think Democrats are realizing that they sort of have an optic problem when it comes to reaching out to some women voters. 
I mean, it's great to talk about the Lily Ledbetter Act, which actually the labor secretary is the least that did not have any impact at all whatsoever. I think there's a problem with optics right now. 
You can't reach out to a voting bloc, which is going to drive the election, let's be frank. Women, mothers especially, drive every election. They do. You can't reach out to a voting bloc while at the same time your party going out there and saying there's a war on women, and then actually saying things like this about women. 
And it's not just, you know, Hilary Rosen. We're talking about there's a democrat down in Florida representative Randolph who went off on a tirade against mothers on his twitter page and on facebook just in the fast several days. The Democratic Senatorial Committee has been using the war on women for a long time. Move On has been using this phrase for a long time. 

LEMON: Dana? 
LEMON: You have to let the men get in on this. 
LEMON: Noel is just sitting there patiently, waiting to get in. We're being gentlemen here. We are letting the women have their say but, my God, let him say a word. I just - Noel, you can -- 
LEMON: Go ahead. 
SHEPPARD: Don, this proves there is no Republican war on women. I'm letting her say whatever she wants. So this should completely dispel this notion that Republicans have a war on women. 
The reality here, this was a big misstep for the Obama administration and for the Obama campaign. They've been talking about this phony war on women since early January, and it's been very, very much assisting the president in the polling numbers where suddenly he's beating Romney by 18, 19 points, and all of a sudden someone that nobody outside of the beltway has ever heard of makes this really stupid remark about Mitt Romney's wife, and this is going to be an issue and the president had to immediately talk about it, Axelrod had to talk about it. And I think that this little rally that Obama has had with regard to women, I think that rally has faded and now the question is, how far is this going to plummet? How much of his 18, 19-point lead -- 
LEMON: OK, OK. Noel, I don't have a blog like you. I have time issues. I have to say, Dana, you are a big girl. You can handle it. Someone just e-mailed and said, I will be honest, this woman is lying. I have yet to hear one person outside of CNN talk about the Ann Romney story and that's from a woman. That's all I'm saying. 
LEMON: But hang on, listen. I'm going to talk to you -- 
SHEPPARD: That settles it. 
LEMON: I'm going to talk to you in a bit, because Noel, you wrote something about me and we'll talk about the n word and the Trayvon Martin story. You talked about me in "News Busters." You talked about the n word now being used on CNN, saying, if it dramatizes racism, Lemon certainly thinks so. I'm going to ask you about that. 
Dana, your site wrote something about me and filmmaker Spike Lee as it relates to the Trayvon Martin story. I want to talk about that. 
All right. We'll talk about that. So, stand by, guys. More of the stories that you are talking about in just a moment. We will be back right after a break. 

Loesch will also be speaking at Chicago's Tea Party Tax Day rally tomorrow.

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