GOP flunky Dana Loesch continues to misleadingly accuse the Dems of "pushing a 'war on women'"

Yet again, CNN (or TeaNN) "contributor" and KFTK radio host Dana Loesch is blaming DEMOCRATS for instigating the War On Women, when she knows damn well it's the GOP and herself that's instigating the War On Women.

Big Government:

Earlier today, progressive females in various cities protested against the fabricated "war on women" Democrats convinced them that the GOP is waging. The goal of the "United Against War On Women" protest? Something about birth control and abortion.  
I followed the #UAWOW stream on Twitter and saw much Republican-bashing and blustering about how progressive women are apparently being physically restrained by Republicans from entering places like Costco and Target to obtain $9 a month birth control. If these self-described "sluts" and "cunts" are so upset over inequality, where were the signs about the pay inequality in Barack Obama's own administration?  
Where are the signs protesting Democrat policies which caused more women to lose jobs than men in March? Republicans have been prevented by the Senate from passing a single jobs bill and every one they've propose has been destroyed; meanwhile the Senate celebrates its third year of not passing a budget tomorrow.
Where are the signs protesting how women have lost seven times the jobs of men?
Where are the signs protesting the statistics that one in two college graduates are unemployed?
Where are the signs protesting high gas prices? Higher grocery bills?
Where are the signs protesting real suppression of women?
Where were the signs protesting Democrats using VAWA as a political checkers piece?
Oh, that's right. It wouldn't help to promote a false narrative designed to manipulate women into voting for Democrats.
Women used to protest to get the government out of their lives. Today, progressive women protest to bring government back into our lives. The patriarchy wins. 

For God's sakes, Dana, you are out of touch with reality and you're busy jackin' it in San Diego to care about the truth.

She also baselessly accused the Senate Democrats of "not passing a budget for a 3rd year in a row." Actually, it's the GOP that's obstructing in order to appease their hard-right teahadist base.

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