In her anti-union Big Government post, Loesch defends Walker and Kleefisch from possible recalls

In her Big Government post, anti-union numbnut Dana Loesch defended Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (R) from the grassroots Recall Walker movement. As usual, she was delusional enough to falsely declare that the Walker/Kleefisch reforms "are helping Wisconsin."

No other race in the country better embodies the struggle between conservative and progressive ideals than the recall battle over Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor. 
The incumbent is former stay-at-home-mom and journalist Rebecca Kleefisch, whose ascent through the state party was a hard-won battle against the establishment, waged by a fed-up citizen. Kleefisch didn't just fight the GOP establishment and win by double-digits; during the primary she also fought and defeated colon cancer. 
In contrast, Big Labor has put up its own candidate. Of the five Democrats who've filed, Mahlon Mitchell seems the most likely candidate to emerge for the June 5th showdown. Mitchell shares the same far-left ideology of the labor protesters who trashed the capitol and sent death threats to Republicans. Mitchell landed in hot water with the labor protesters when he got too friendly with Walker in exchange for some reform exemptions; later, when pressure grew, he joined in the marches and led chants against Walker and Kleefisch. (Apparently, he didn't condemn the appalling and criminal behavior of the protesters, either.) 
Mitchell opposes the the very reforms of collective bargaining privileges that have brought Wisconsin voters the economic stability they desired. Democrats want to keep holding elections at the public's expense until they get the results they want. In the meantime, their far-left, out-of-state interests will pump somewhere around $80 million into the Wisconsin Democrat party--a chunk of that into Mitchell's campaign--in their assault on economic reform.
The reforms Kleefisch has helped to enact during her tenure as Lieutenant Governor have saved the state millions of dollars.

Mahlon Mitchell (D) will likely be the next Lt. Governor of Wisconsin, whether Loesch and her ilk like it or not!

She continues with this stupid statement:

Make no mistake: a loss in Wisconsin will derail the first generation of reform governors. It will affect every other state, and give the President a singular victory from which to campaign as he slides his failed policies off the table.  
Not only that, but a loss for Kleefisch could discourage other women from running for office. Conservative women have been met with a barrage of abuse simply for being conservatives, and Kleefisch is no exception. If other potential female conservative candidates see what the left is capable of doing to one currently in office, don't expect to see them take on the heat of a campaign in the future.

In fact, the Walker/Kleefisch "reforms" in Wisconsin are NOT working, much to the chagrin of the Walker/Kleefisch apologists. Their asinine polices have led to job LOSSES, not gains, and they're blaming the DEMOCRATS for it?!

Badger Democracy has the Top 10 reasons why Kleefisch needs to be pink-slipped:

1. Kleefisch lied in the 2010 election about the level of tax increase under Doyle, misrepresenting it by over $2 billion – a lie Politifact couldn’t even miss
2. In the 2010 election, during an interview with Fox 6 in Milwaukee, compared same-sex relationships with having a relationship with inanimate objects, in spite of her uncle being in an openly gay relationship for over 18 years.

3. Frequent speaker at Tea Party rallies (such as Sheboygan) in summer 2010 – coined the phrase “open for business” and railed on the role of Government in ruining the economy in Wisconsin, even when the real cause of the recession was lack of regulation on speculative and risky investment ventures; not too much government.

4. After leaving WISN-TV in Milwaukee, became a “conservative correspondent” for Charlie Sykes, conservative radio talk show host in Milwaukee.

5. Kleefisch pushes for abstinence only sex-ed.

6. She is anti-reproductive rights, even in cases of rape, incest, or the mother’s life being in danger.

7. Anti-embryonic stem cell research, in spite of scientific evidence that adult stem cells are not as effective for research.

8. Considers the top quality necessary for a Governor  is “…to be a Christian man…”, in her own words, 28 seconds in on the video. 
9. Along with Scott Walker, broke a campaign promise to immediately begin paying their increased pension contribution upon taking office. They only complied when mandated to do so by newly enacted law, along with other state employees.

10. Kleefisch has never before been elected or appointed to public office, has no fiscal managerial experience, and has no qualifications to serve as Governor. Being a middle market news reporter does not qualify you for the high office of Lt. Governor, or Governor. 
The fact is, Kleefisch was not qualified to be Lieutenant Governor in the first place – a fact simply ignored by the media during the campaign, and Wisconsin voters who either didn’t vote, or were seduced by Scott Walker. She is a fundamentalist, whose ideology does not (contrary to her speeches and ads) reflect or care about the majority of Wisconsin. Now is the time to call her out for what she is, and for her support of Scott Walker.

I sure hope she and Walker both are recalled. And you can donate some of your money to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's Recall Walker Campaign, via ActBlue.

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