Islamophobic hatemonger Dana Loesch continues to smear Muslims

On Tuesday's edition of KFTK 97.1's The Dana Show, notorious Islamophobe Dana Loesch revived the false and widely debunked smear (that her current employer CNN debunked) that "President Barack Obama attended a 'madrassa' in Indonesia."

During Loesch's radio show, a caller said: "Obama said -- when he was talking about Romney -- he was saying that he wasn't born with a -- he was talking about himself -- wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But he was born with a Quran in his hand."
Instead of correcting the caller by pointing out that Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim, Loesch said: "Well, yeah, I mean, he did study -- he went to one of the madrassas over in Indonesia for a while. So he knows -- I mean, he -- which is kind of like the equivalent in Islam of a Catholic school in Catholicism. So there's that." 
Later, another caller took issue with Loesch's drawing a parallel between Islamic schools and Catholic schools:
CALLER: You know, I grew up in Catholic school. You know, I did eight years there. And, you know, we learned the Ten Commandments, we learned about God, turning the other cheek, loving thy neighbor. You've got books for these schools, these Islamic schools, that show them where to cut off appropriately for the hand and feet of infidels. You know, it's math, language, and then how to build bombs in these schools. You know, to say that it's --
LOESCH: Well, no, it's, it's --
CALLER: -- to compare it to, you know, Catholic schools --
LOESCH: [caller's name]
CALLER: -- is a little stretch.
Loesch clarified that she believes those schools are "analogous" to Catholic schools because Muslims "have schools that train up children in the doctrine, in the religion that they practice, just like in Catholicism." She continued:
LOESCH: Now, what they teach isn't the same. And I didn't say that what they taught was the same.
LOESCH: In our Bible -- and [caller], you know this, too. In our Bible, it doesn't say, you know, find the infidel where they lay and slay them. I mean, that's -- you know, the new covenant with man and the New Testament is all about love and forgiveness. And, you know, you read the Quran, which I have, and that's not in there.

From the 04.24.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

The Washington Post's Erik Wemple wrote about Loesch's blatant lie on Madrassagate.

●Dana Loesch, a CNN contributor, endorses the act of urinating on Afghan soldiers on her radio show
Loesch issued more nonsense this week, as exposed by Media Matters. A caller was riffing off President Obama’s claim that he wasn’t born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth. ”But he was born with a Koran in his hand.”
Loesch, ever the crusader for factual integrity, scolded the man, saying, ”I am sorry, but we don’t have any documentation regarding what he had in his hand at birth. Please do not stretch the truth on my radio show.”
That inquiry fetched this response from Loesch: 
OK, so that explains how Loesch feels about Media Matters.
When MMfA acknowledges that they’re under fire for repeatedly publishing antisemitic content, when they can explain why they coincidently received money from SEIU to target black conservatives in the wake of Kenneth Gladney, when they clarify what they meant when they accused the US of bombing Al Jazeera, and when they detail how often they convene with the White House on strategy (i.e. DOJ story), then I’ll be interested in responding on a nonstory from this joke of a far-left propaganda smear site. Until then, I’m more interested in seeing stories on why we have 300 dead Mexicans and two dead border agents on Eric Holder’s watch.
Thanks for reaching out, it is genuinely appreciated.
In her September 2010 column on her radio show's page on WordPress, Loesch baselessly accused "all Muslims as violent terrorists."

Who burned the Koran that resulted in the murder of ten Christian missionaries last month
Or the murder of CIA agents earlier this year?
Or the USS Cole?
Or the countless airplane hijackings, discotheque bombings, etc., etc., etc. 
Obama says that “As Americans, we will not or ever be at war with Islam.” 
How many thousands of people must be murdered by Islam before he stops saying such?
Where did this nation’s balls go?

No, Ms. Loesch, almost all the Muslims are peaceful and non-violent, and it's only the radical fundamentalist Islam types such as the Wahhabis and Al-Qaeda that do the terrorist activities, which are disavowed by the mainstream Islamic community.

Joel Pollak at Big Journalism falsely accuses Media Matters for America of being Islamophobic:

Whether antisemitism or Islamophobia or hatred of black conservatives, Media Matters for America is not above any form of prejudice--as long as it suits the left's agenda and President Barack Obama's re-election. Case in point: the false claim that Dana Loesch "smeared" Obama by stating--correctly--that he studied in a Muslim school, or madrassa.
In the Muslim world, any religious school is a madrassa--not just the radical, terror-teaching madrassas we hear about in Pakistani border regions, but also your friendly neighborhood storefront that teaches Arabic lessons after school. 
Loesch, who is a Breitbart News editor and CNN contributor, pointed out--again, correctly--that a madrassa is roughly analogous to Sunday school in the Christian world. 
Media Matters cannot, and does not, take issue with any of the above--but tries, laughably, to associate Loesch with a false Islamophobic stereotype, as part of its obsessive campaign to remove Loesch from the airwaves--and to drive conservative voices in general out of the American media, the surest sign that the left cannot handle democratic debate and therefore is trying to prevent it.

Pollak, it is YOUR own site (and yourself) that tends to be Islamophobic, NOT MMFA!

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