Loesch still bashing Democrats and Sandra Fluke

It looks like Dana Loesch is still defending the right-wing smears against Sandra Fluke and blaming the Democrats for it. Her blogpost at Big "Journalism" today falsely accused the Democratic Party of dragging out the Limbaugh-Fluke controversy for their own gain.

It's the story that won't go away, the tactic Democrats keep dragging out and inflating with with artificial indignation to secure relevance. They do it because their presidential incumbent needs not just one political identity card -- he needs the whole deck. The administration's attempt to malign Rush Limbaugh and their collusion with MMfA to censor conservatives on the airwaves failed miserably, yet a bogeyman is still needed. Dutiful Hillary Clinton is trotted out to push the dead nontroversy, again. (And progressives insist that conservatives won't stop talking about it?) Clinton's time as the long-suffering silent spouse to her philandering Presidential husband has not blunted her appetite one iota for using women to push an agenda, as indicated by her recent interview with Andrea Mitchell. 
Hillary Clinton was noticeably absent when worse language or crass words were used by equally big names to describe Sarah Palin (her children), Michelle Bachmann; she was silent when local radio host misogynists slurred Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. Clinton apparently supports with her silence the verbal assault on these women because they're part of -- how did she name it? -- the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. The difference is that Limbaugh apologized for the word he used to describe Fluke's action; most of the men who slurred the above-named women have never apologized. In fact, they defended their words. Even more -- the Obama administration (with its own history of workplace inequalitycontinue to support the men who use these terms
I don't particularly dig the language progressives use to describe conservative women. I didn't, and wouldn't, call for them to be censored over it however, because I'm not a pretend First Amendment supporter like these latter day fascists in Slutgate. What is objectionable is their complete double-standard on respect for women. It's not a War On Women unless progressives can claim some sort of offense for their female base. They ignore the actual War On Women -- the War On Conservative Women. For a group that fights for sex, drugs, and free expression, progressives sure do cop the Puritan sensibility pretty quick after a few "sluts." It's comical, transparent, and utterly square.

No, Dana, the REAL War On Women is being waged by people on the right, including you and Michelle Malkin. And it's YOU that's being the fascist, NOT Fluke, Clinton, MMFA, or the left.

On twitter, Oyxcontin-smuggling sexist Rush Limbaugh praised Loesch's blogpost on Big Journalism:

On the other hand, 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate (who lost to current President Obama) and former First Lady (now currently Secretary of Defense) Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea have defended Fluke from Limbaugh's attacks against her (and by extension, all Democratic-leaning women).

Darius Dixon at POLITICO.com:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Monday called the controversial comments Rush Limbaugh made about Sandra Fluke in February a “verbal assault.” But she also said she was encouraged by the public rebuke of the radio host.

Rush Limbaugh was uncharacteristically quiet today after Chelsea Clinton recounted how the conservative talk show host appeared to make fun her looks by comparing her to a dog when she was 13-years-old. 
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, however,  had harsh word for Limbaugh when reminded of  the incident saying, “We’re better than that.” 
Chelsea Clinton spoke last week about Limbaugh’s comments while on a panel about women involved in politics. The former first daughter made the comments while defending Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke who had been ridiculed last month by Limbaugh as a “slut” and a “prostitute” for testifying before Congress in support of a government mandate requiring health insurance to cover contraception.
“She and I actually have something in common,” Chelsea Clinton said.  “We’ve both have been attacked by Rush Limbaugh.” 

“Socks is the White House cat. But did you know there is also a White House dog?” Limbaugh said on his television show before showing an image of the young Clinton.

Limbaugh and Loesch have lost this war.

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