Dana Loesch on The Dana Show: "Progressives like the New Black Panthers."

Looks like race-baiting moron radio show host Dana Loesch is up to no good again.

From my tumblr blog, Justin's Political Corner:
Loesch and that caller are out of whack.

From the 03.28.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

Caller: "I want to talk about-- I do not wish to happen. Do you think all the hatred from the media and the discontent coming out of Florida with the event of Trayvon Martin. Do you think that the media and the African-American people want a race war? Am I out of line by saying that they really want it to happen?"  
LOESCH: "I think..." 
Caller: "...think that they want to see it happen?" 
LOESCH: "Yeah, I think that some progressives, like the New Black Panther Party, definitely sounds like they kind of like they do."  
"Brian, I appreciate your call. I think that they want it-- progressives need it as a tool, they need it as a distraction. Those are the people who scream loudest about injustices to minority communities. These are also the same people who pass policies that present the greatest offense to minority communities. They complain-- progressives complain about the lack of jobs in certain depressed areas, but what are they doing to bring jobs to those areas?"

This lady (and her husband) sure has a history of race-baiting rhetoric.

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