Dana Loesch has no clue about the facts, smears Détente and Boehlert

In her blogpost at Big Journalism today, Dana Loesch baselessly accused Media Matters For America's Senior Fellow Eric Boehlert of getting the dates wrong for Détente's song, Kill Rush. 

It was in response to my piece published last night on the media's choice to ignore the death threats against Rush Limbaugh by way of progressives's newest anthem, "Kill Rush." 
Boehlert was too quick to spin without actually checking the facts.
What's that date? March 6? Considering Facebook doesn't post the current year date, it's March 6 of this year, meaning just a couple of weeks ago.  

Eric was wrong on two counts: the song was posted to Youtube in 2011, NOT in 2010. Also, did you see that at the bottom?

They went back and tagged "Sandra Fluke" on their video. Boehlert's spin is that the video was posted in 2010 (it wasn't) and that it isn't in response to Limbaugh (they made it so).

The song was originally recorded in 2010, not 2011 or later. Yet another pathetic example of Boehlert Derangement Syndrome displayed by Loesch.

Boehlert, on twitter, took down Loesch's distortion of the dates:


Loesch wrote another blogpost regarding the band's controversial Kill Rush song.

I don't know what offends me more:the hackneyed, drop D insipidness, the wannabe-Kittie/Phil Anselmo front woman, or the actual lyrics to "Kill Rush." Or maybe the media's complete refusal to acknowledge it?  
Myspace is still around for bands like the ironically named Detente, oh, excuse me, DÉTENTE (ne faut pas oublier l'accent Français!). A quick scan of their Facebook profile shows they formed around when I was in kindergarten, got a touch of secondhand glory by opening for bigger bands (like Megadeth) in those groups's infancy, and then those bands went on to actually, you know, write good music and sell records. Bands like this are why people hate metal, most of which is structurally complex and difficult to play well. DÉTENTE has scored the most attention they'll ever receive in their lives (sadly, none of it will translate to album sales) because of a song they've written called "Kill Rush."  
Media Matters repurposed a three-year-old Limbaugh censorship/book burning campaign to try to drive the talker off the airwaves, when they're not distracted by calling for the censorship of everyone else with whom they disagree -- do you think they will take up a campaign to drive UUAAGH DÉTENTE off Facebook?

Dana, grow up.

Yet another right-wing moron, The Admiral at the Lake Minnetonka Liberty blog, suggested that all the members of Détente should be dead.

Yup. I am calling for the demise of all members of the shitty metal band called Detente.  Oh yeah, I’m “dead” serious. Just as serious as they are for calling for Rush Limbaugh to be killed. They even wrote and performed a song advocating it. Well, what goes around comes around. 
Funny thing about the left, Detente will be excused for exorcising their 1st Amendment rights, I will probably be labeled a hater, dangerous, an advocator of violence, hell, I might even get a knock on the door from the police or FBI. But when the left does it, “that’s different.” Well you know what? It’s not different. It’s time for us to take off the kid gloves and slap those leftist bitches in to submission. I’ve had enough of their crap, it’s time for pricks like this to pay the piper. 
And how about those leftist jackasses at Facebook and YouTube? Whenever some whiney leftist complains, the content is taken down and the user is banned. But as long as a leftist does it, it’s okay. Including advocating murdering someone. Hypocrisy and double-standards, that’s all the left is.
Typical far-right bully this blogger is by wanting to kill people for having the audacity to criticize Rush Limbaugh.

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