Loesch supports McCain's irresponsible statement that "Undocumented Immigrants started the wildfires"

The lying liar from St. Louis is back up to her dirty tricks. She supported the senile 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee and Arizona Senator John McCain (R-AZ)'s patently bogus claim that "Undocumented [Latino/a] Immigrants started the wildfires in Arizona."

John McCain, who has few fans in grassroots conservatism and even fewer in the MSM, was excoriated in the media over his recent remarks that the Arizona wildfires were started by illegal immigrants.

And this is coming from the same moron (Dana Loesch) who hates alleged RINOs like Romney, Huntsman, and McCain? Just another insidious attempt at anti-Hispanic/Mexican race-baiting and blatant xenophobia by Loesch.

Here's the real facts (From CNN): Undocumented Immigrants did NOT cause the wildfires in Arizona.

"It's easier to fan the flames of intolerance, especially in Arizona," said Randy Parraz, a civil rights advocate who ran unsuccessfully against McCain as a Democratic candidate in 2010.
Parraz called McCain's remarks "careless and reckless" but not entirely surprising given the political climate in Arizona. The Latino advocate is co-founder of Citizens for a Better Arizona, a group trying the recall the legislator who authored the state's controversial anti-illegal immigration law.
McCain said that illegal immigrants set such fires either to send signals, keep warm or distract law enforcement agents. But he did not specify which fires allegedly had been started by illegal immigrants, nor did he identify his sources or provide details of the "substantial" evidence he cited.
Firefighters are currently battling five wildfires that have burned a combined 732,427 acres in Arizona, according to InciWeb, an online interagency database that tracks fires, floods and other disasters. The fires are under investigation and suspects have not been named. However, local media outlets have reported anecdotal cases of fires breaking out in areas where illegal immigrants have been known to cross the border.
"People are looking for someone to blame," he said, claiming it is too easy and convenient to target what he called one of Arizona's "most vulnerable populations."

Senator McCain ought to know better than to piss off the Latino voters in Arizona, some of whom who happened to vote for Republicans (including him).

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