Dana Loesch baselessly blames Obama for high prices at the gaspumps at the K and N Rally

Local hate yakker and serial distortionist Dana Loesch was at the K&N Patriots/Americans For Prosperity-held Rally in O'Fallon, Missouri (the home to raging liar Cynthia Davis) yesterday, entitled "Running On Empty," which was a barrage of "The Liberals/Democrats/RINOS and Barack Obama want to gouge the prices higher" and "They're taking our energy use freedom away"-type talking points from the Koch Bros and GOP Special Interests. To all the brainwashed Teahadists out there, President Obama's NOT gouging the prices of oil, but if anyone should be blamed for price gouging at the pumps, it is the Republicans (and some DINOs) who kiss the backsides of Big Oil, speculators, and the greedy CEOs and execs of Big Oil.

Who else was at the rallies? Two candidates to replace Todd Akin for MO-02 (Ann Wagner and Ed Martin) and potential challenger to Claire McCaskill for Senator Achy Breaky Akin.

Adam Shriver at the St. Louis Activist Hub calls out Martin's buddies on Gas Prices and Energy:

This Saturday (June 10), wrong wing 2nd Congressional District candidate Ed Martin (Yes, the same Ed Martin who resigned in disgrace for legal and ethical problems as Gov. Matt Blunt's Chief of Staff) is heading a rally at the intersection of K & N at 10 AM. The main purpose is to showcase Ed Martin's corporate give away programs, but that is hidden under the guise of erroneously blaming President Obama for high gas prices.

Before Martin and his crew can spew waste worse than a BP oil rig and flood this busy intersection with raw, unvetted, mind numbing sewage, voters should know the facts about today's high price of gas

UPDATE: Dana Loesch told even more lies, such as falsely claiming that Al Gore's truthful film An Inconvenient Truth was banned from British Schools.

At a rally this weekend organized by astroturf Americans for Prosperity, which just happens to be funded by the Koch brothers, who just happen to own a number of oil refineries and bankroll the leading climate change denial groups in the country, Dana Loesch declared that Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" was not allowed into British schools because it was "fiction."

Here's the typical fact-free nonsense of Loesch:
And the British high court, told the educational system that they're not allowed to show this film. Why? Because it's fiction. Because it's propaganda. They said there was a number of things wrong with the film...wrong with the facts used to support this theory in the film. Nine of them were super-huge...they had a bunch of other complaints...but they're not allowed to show it in school districts.

Actually, Loesch's claim that An Inconvenient Truth was banned in British schools is indeed dogpoop.
Actually, the judge wrote that the film was, "substantially founded upon scientific research and fact" and said that he had "no doubt" that, "Al Gore's presentation of the causes and likely effects of climate change in the film was broadly accurate." The judge did note 9 errors, but allowed the film to be shown in schools as long as it was accompanied by a"guidance note" that presented a contrarian point of view on those nine claims.


  1. Why do Dana and Christopher Loesch have a judgement against them from D/o/R $2097.00 on a house in Festus, MO---it's in Selina Loesch's name.

    It's on Casenet.

  2. Why do Dana and Christopher Loesch have a judgement against them from D/o/R $2097.00 on a house in Festus, MO---it's in Selina Loesch's name.

    It's on Casenet.


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