Hardcore Biblethumper Loesch defends Theocrat Todd Akin's "Liberals Hate God" Statement

On Big Hackulism, Dana Loesch accused the "Liberal Media" and "Liberal Churches" of having a hissy fit over Todd Akin (R-MO02)'s statement that "Liberals hate God." Akin is a well-known cowshit Theocrat and is running for Senate to attempt to defeat Claire McCaskill (D) in 2012 to be with the corrupt as hell Roy Blunt (R),who won convincingly in a GOP-dominated (and Outstate Missouri/JeffCo reddening rapidly) political climate in 2010.

Loesch's inane screed at BigJournalism:

Rep. Todd Akin, Missouri’s conservative Republican challenger against Democrat Claire McCaskill, said this during a recent interview over the NBC/Pledge of Allegiance controversy.

Predictably, the progressive media had a meltdown, led by Think Progress (you know, the outfit who promoted the short-lived ‘Crash the Tea Party’ stunt wherein progs dressed up as klansmen and Nazis and attended rallies so that edited video could be used to smear the movement, even lifting other videogapher’s work).

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reached out to two groups, one which is definitely far-left and another that uses left-leaning code words like “we are agents of social justice” on their “About” page. I’m unclear as to why the paper chose to have representatives of a completely different faith to comment on the faith of another when the beliefs of both faiths are quite varied, but this isn’t Big Religion – a way to drive a wedge? Diversity? But it still doesn’t answer why no other religious leaders – or expressed Christian ones, not one the describes itself as “interfaith” – were represented in this article besides two left-leaning groups. I’ve asked the article’s author, Jason Hancock, on Twitter why only these two groups were included for comment

From the 06.24.2011 edition of FRC Radio's Washington Watch Weekly:

Achy Breaky Akin initially refused to apologize, but later did somewhat apologize, thus he got criticized on the Right for doing so.

The anti-reproductive rights/anti-choice Loesch was demanding that a pro-reproductive rights /pro-choice church, called Faith Aloud, apologize for "slandering" Akin."

This has nothing to do with questioning their relationship with God; it’s about questioning their misrepresentation of God’s will by claiming that faith is OK with things such as abortion. Akin gave no such impression that his remarks were directed at an individual, but certain progressive individuals with stated beliefs antithetical to that which is taught in Scripture purposefully wanted to interpret it as such as a way to both claim Akin’s scalp and edge closer to popularly redefining tenets of Christian faith. If liberal groups like Faith Aloud find offense at the idea that progressivism seeks to eradicate God from American culture — just as they seek to do the same by fudging Christ’s approval for abortion — that’s too bad. It certainly doesn’t merit an apology.

Faith Aloud has a page devoted to overcoming the (conservative/evangelical)stigma of an abortion.

Faith Aloud believes in the power of women to make good decisions and the power of God to support women through difficult times.

Shame is not caused by abortion, but by destructive religious and societal forces that prefer to keep women oppressed.

We provide religious counseling that is kind, non-judgmental, and supportive of women in whatever choices they make.

We provide unique religious resources to abortion providers to help them support the spiritual needs of their patients.

We are interfaith and include clergy and laity from a vast number of religious faiths and denominations.

Unlike Loesch and her anti-choice ilk, Faith Aloud (like Hope Clinic in my hometown, Granite City, IL and Planned Parenthood [which abortion only accounts for 3-6% of its services) is a trusted source for abortion issues. And, no, Liberals do NOT hate God, but they sure hate the Republican Jesus (known as Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, Fixed News, and/or Glenn Beck).

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