Loesch selling baloney to her Big Journalism readers by declaring the "Democrats have pushed a 'War On Students'"

President Barack Obama is proposing cheaper student loans, and the right-wing reaction to anything Obama does or says is feigned outrage.


President Obama went after the college vote Tuesday, pitching cheaper student loans as he courted the one age group where he has a decided advantage over Republican rival Mitt Romney. The twist? Romney, too, has endorsed the idea, though it's unclear whether deficit-leery Republicans in Congress will go along. 
In the race for the White House, both the Obama and Romney campaigns see huge opportunities to court younger voters. This week, their efforts are focused on the millions of students — and their parents — who are grappling with college costs at a time when such debt has grown so staggering, it exceeds the totals for credit cards or auto loans.
Obama's emphasis on his personal experience set up a contrast with Romney, whose father was a wealthy auto executive. It's a point the president is sure to return to during this summer's campaigning. 
Late Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., introduced legislation that would keep the interest rate for subsidized loans for poorer and middle-class students at their current level for another year at a cost of $5.9 billion. The timing is important because the rate will double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent on July 1 without intervention by Congress, an expiration date chosen in 2007 when a Democratic Congress voted to chop the rate in half. 
Some conservative activists have denounced Romney's decision to match Obama's position on student loan rates. 
"Mitt Romney is going to sell out conservatives in his party" to improve his chances in the November election, Michael Brendan Dougherty wrote in a blog carried by sites including Free Republic.

In her blogpost at Big Journalism today, pathological liar Dana Loesch misleadingly declared that the "Democratic Party and Obama are waging a 'war on students.'

Mitt Romney agrees with Barack Obama on extending student loans because Republicans haven't yet figured out how to sell economic responsibility--or battle the media attacks that come with it. It doesn't inspire the confidence needed to maintain a positive outlook on the general election.  
Romney found it easier to agree with Obama on extending student loans because not doing so would have invited relentless attack on how Romney hates everything and everyone from children to intelligence. In reality, the hesitation comes from what extending the law would do--prop up increasing tuition rates at mostly-progressive strongholds for students who voluntarily agree to accrue a massive amount of debt, all without a way to pay for it.  
If conservatives on Twitter can do it, why can't Mitt Romney?
The inability for graduates to find jobs happened on Barack Obama's watch. The war on students Democrats are waging today actually began in 2007. Then-Senator Barack Obama found campaigning a more important issue than casting a vote to extend the law which suppressed student loan interest rates at 3.4%.  
Instead of playing along, challenge it, GOP. Democrats don't need any help with their war on students. 

There is a "war on students" perpetrated all right, but it's done by the GOP and folks like Loesch, NOT President Obama and the Democratic Party.

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