Loesch and her cronies continue to distort the Occupy Movement

In her blogpost today at Big "Journalism", 1%er shill Dana Loesch falsely declared the "OWS movement to be criminals, rapists, and sexists." That's not surprising, given her history of ridiculously blatant lies and distortions against the OWS movement.

I can’t tell what I like more: the black velvet drape background or the compressed audio which sounds as though it was run through a 1995 version of Sound Forge. It does for them the favor of distracting from the absolute waste flowing from their mouths. 
It sounds and looks like a public access show. Olbermann in his introduction calls OccupyDC’s act of storming private property and crashing a private event with fraudulent passes “free speech.” So a tea partier then could crash Olbermann’s show, take over the mic, and call it free speech. 
Good to know that he’s laid that boundary. 
Olbermann says the soundbites in “Occupy Unmasked” were taken out of context — as in “they’re a bunch of teabaggers [AUDIO EDIT] … but only bad people would say that, we are not saying that at all.” That’s the only way the “out of context” excuse would work. 
Are the occupiers lying about this, Olbermann? Did you bother sticking your head out of your ivory tower to notice what some victims have suffered? Occupiers can’t simultaneously exist as innocent victims of Breitbart’s rape “smears” and liars, so choose. 
Is this out of context, Keith Olbermann? Is this? What about this? Can Olbermann explain how this molotov cocktail-wielding occupier was taken “out of context?” Does Olbermann think covering up a sexual attack is no big deal? I could go on; heaven knows we have hundreds of examples. I guess every single one of these were “taken out of context?” 
It’s a delightful little game Olbermann plays, his pretending to be completely obtuse; to his credit, he’s too much of a narcissist to not know what he’s talking about on the subject. His refusal to consider the facts simply makes him a liar. There’s more respect in ignorance when considering Keith Olbermann. 
Markos Moulitsas, then man who likened conservatives to the Taliban in a book, chalks it up to “Occupy has gotten under their skin.” He makes no mention of Occupiers forcibly getting into victims’s pants. 
No one is debating capitalism, what Moulitsas mistakes as “Occupy points.” The movement has had zero impact, except on crime statistics. At best, it was the shining hope of a manufactured populist unrest to aid Obama in his reelection efforts, but it dissipated into an irrelevant criminal cesspool. 
If you disagree, ask yourself how many times one of them has condemned the sexual attacks. 
If you try to excuse the attacks with the “rogue” excuse, then ask yourself why none of these men reported on how many camps were working to cover up the rapes and prevent women from reporting them to the authorities.
Ask yourself why none of these men have discussed why so-called “safe zones” were established in various camps to protect women from sexual predators which were other Occupiers.

Ms. Loesch, Olbermann and Moulitsas are right on this. The "rapes" at OWS are isolated at best. Stephen Bannon's film Occupy Unmasked, which is made by the right-wing front group Citizens United (the group responsible for propaganda films such as Hillary: The Movie, Fire From The Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman, and ACLU: At War With America), will contain the usual lies and fact-free spin on the OWS movement.

Joel Pollak, another of Loesch's cronies at Big Journalism, baselessly accused  The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur and Olbermann of "supporting rapists at Occupy Wall Street."

With Cenk Uyger’s abusive rant against Andrew Breitbart, Al Gore’s Current TV network has doubled down on its attempt to deny the fact of rapes at Occupy Wall Street protests. 
Keith Olbermann, another Current TV headliner, has also claimed on his program that accusations of rape at Occupy Wall Street protests are “nuts.”

From the 02.13.2012 edition of Current TV's The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur:

Markos Moulitsas, the founder of Daily Kos, went on Countdown last night to shoot down the right-wing claims of the Occupy Movement.

KEITH OLBERMANN: It has been 149 days since protesters first marched on, and then occupied, Zuccotti Park in New York. 
In our fourth story — as the Occupy Movement prepares for a Spring Awakening, the right wing tries to position Occupy as an ACORN-like boogeyman for the fall elections. Using Andrew Breitbart to verbally attack a group of protesters outside CPAC, as well as in a new film.
As mentioned before, the yearly Conservative Political Action Conference has adjourned. Besides the people Mitt Romney paid to attend, Occupy also made its presence felt, holding protests outside throughout the conference and occasionally making it inside to mic-check several speakers. This First Amendment expression drew the staged anger of one mountebank in particular. 
(Excerpt from video clip) BREITBART: Behave yourself, behave yourself, behave yourself, behave yourself, behave yourself! You are freaks and animals! You’re freaks and animals! Stop raping people, stop raping people, stop raping, stop raping people, stop raping the people! You freaks, you filthy freaks, you filthy, filthy, filthy, raping, murdering freaks! 
OLBERMANN: Get your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty apes! Someone needs to Autotune Charlton Heston Junior, there. His attacks almost perfectly mirror the newest motion picture by Citizens United, the same group whose “Hillary: The Movie” became the court case that opened the door for unlimited corporate donations. Coincidence, no doubt.
The latest hit piece is called, “Occupy Unmasked.” Using sound bites taken out of context as well as negative news reports, a director Stephen Bannon attempts to paint the Occupy Movement as a left-wing conspiracy run amuck. A place where drugs, anarchy and — as Breitbart claims — rape reign supreme. 
OLBERMANN: Oh, okay. All right — leaving you to that speculation. What — what was that all about? Is that simply promotion for this film? 
MOULITSAS: It could be, but I really, honestly think that Occupy has gotten under their skin in a way that we haven’t seen in a long time. I mean, this is the first time that I can remember where conservatives aren’t setting the terms of the debate. They’re actually being forced to respond. And, when you have the presidential candidates — The Republican presidential candidates — having to debate on the terms of Occupy, talking about income inequality, and talking about Bain Capital, and Swiss bank accounts and Cayman Islands and vulture capitalism, that’s not a good place for Republicans and it’s clear to see.
I mean, look at it in the numbers. They’re not doing very well, they’re on unsure footing and this is why, I think, that they’re so desperately grasping onto this birth control issue, even though that is not exactly a very good one for them either. 
OLBERMANN: Yeah, that has all sorts of bad lanes to travel them.
Back to Occupy, I mentioned before that if Occupy needed any validation, that was it over the weekend at CPAC, is that correct? 
MOULITSAS: Yeah, I mean, that’s sort of a culmination, I think the validation came when you have people like Rick Perry talking about vulture capitalism in Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney being forced to defend his capitalistic record. I mean, Republicans don’t expect to have to defend, not in their primary anyway. So, I think the validation has been there already.
This movement has gone far beyond the actual protests themselves. The message itself has taken on its own meaning. It’s sort of, kind of, almost broken free from the Occupy protest. They can be as filthy and rape people — if you want to make stuff up — but the fact is, nobody really cares about it because that message isn’t about the messengers, it’s not about who’s delivering the message, but the message itself, which really resonates at very core, emotional level with people who are suffering in this economy. 
OLBERMANN: So, this then — I analogized before that right had made ACORN into, or memorably, the New Black Panthers, which consist of a guy named Stan and a guy named Dale. I mean, are they effectively trying to scare people, or are the reinforcing people who want to be scared, or have the taken the wrong vessel here? Because — unlike ACORN or unlike, particularly, the New Black Panthers — Occupy actually exists and, as you suggest, has a message that already got out. 
MOULITSAS: Yeah, all of the above. I mean, really, Republicans need to scare people. They need to scare people. I mean, I don’t want to go back to birth control, because we’re talking about Occupy, but they’re talking about “war on religion” as opposed to “We hate sex,” right?
They need to scare people, but they themselves love to be scared. I mean, this is why they have to create their boogie men like Saddam Hussein and so on and so forth, right? They always need to have an enemy. And so, this is the best thing for all worlds. Here is something that they can feel scared about, something that has real-world implications that’s actually hurting them, so they have even better reason to be scared of them.
And now, they hope to sort of deliver that message to the broader American public because they need to discredit the Occupy message. And the message itself cannot be discredited. Republicans are on the defensive because of that message. So maybe they think, “If we discredit some of the people delivering it, those the dirty hippies,” maybe people will start ignoring the fact that they’re underpaid, have to work too many hours, the economy is going in the wrong direction and that Republicans are doing nothing about it. That’s the hope obviously — I think this movie is going to be as effective as the Hillary Clinton one was.

From the 02.13.2012 edition of Current TV's Countdown with Keith Olbermann:

Olbermann and Moulitsas are right.

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