On AC360, Loesch falsely states "Nazis like Occupy Wall Street"

CNN "Contributor" and St. Louis's Leading Hatemonger Dana Loesch took to CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 last night to make outrageous statements about the Occupy Wall Street Movement, baselessly implying that the "Nazis love the movement." Patently false.

From the 10.18.2011 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

Loesch has also repeatedly demonized the Occupy Movement, including the one in her hometown (St. Louis).  

She baselessly implied that there was "infighting at #occupystl, and falsely claimed that "ACORN (or MORE) co-opted the movement," both of which are trumped-up lies.

As I've already pointed out, there is no "civil war" in the OccupySTL group and last week's social media drama can be traced back to one person who was not communicating with the group and unilaterally decided to cut off contact. For as diverse and eclectic a group as they are, they've actually been remarkably consistent and organized with their social media postings, and after the initial minor glitch occurred one week ago the Facebook and Twitter accounts have been steadily growing and impressively successful.

However, right-wing radio host Dana Loesch, feeling threatened by a movement that unlike the tea party is actually appealing to young people, is now pretending to be "concerned" that the movement was "co-opted" by the right wing's favorite boogeyman: ACORN! Here's the kind of stuff Loesch is saying to try to pretend that she would be totally "down" with the Occupy movement, if it weren't for that pesky ACORN.

Even if ACORN didn't meddle in, Loesch would still hate the Movement, which is actually grassroots, unlike a certain movement that was astroturfed by the Koch Bros and the GOP.

She brazenly stated that "they [OccupySTL] want to disrupt the World Series." That smear was initially pushed by Loesch crony Adam Sharp.

 Patch Adams has a post out claiming that OccupySTL wants to disrupt the World Series. To give Patch a little credit (which is all he deserves since, after all, he's still pushing bunk info), he at least managed to include a screen shot of this:

Loesch, however, jettisoned any attempts to subtly turn a flat out lie in a mere misrepresentation of reality. She just flat out lied:

 Actually, anyone who actually read the post would see that they weren't "planning on disrupting the World Series." Some people suggested it, but others (including the person that runs the facebook account) pointed out it would be a bad idea. And both Loesch and Patch mysteriously omitted this post which pretty explictly ackowledges that they have no interest in angering Cardinals fans:

That's far from the truth, Ms. Liaresch.

And how many times does CNN's hosts get away with allowing Dana Loesch to spew out lies with little or no pushback?

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