Dana Loesch at TeaCon 2011: Same old, same old

This Past weekend at TeaCon 2011, held in Chicago suburb Schaumburg, Illinois, KFTK radio host, CNN "Contributor," and Big Journalism's Smear Artist-In-Chief Dana Loesch and her cronies (Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, Steven Crowder, Guy Benson) was at the event telling more right-wing gibberish. Also there was the Deadbeat Dad Congresscritter Joe Walsh (R-IL08.)

Loesch spoke at event, telling the same rehashed lies.

Key Points:
  • Loesch said that she was "VERY Liberal, almost socialist-like" and came from a union family from Southern Missouri. (approx 1:30).
  • When 9/11 hit, Loesch was no longer a Democrat, but a GOP hack, as mentioned in her Big Government blogpost that day.

  • I had identified myself as a liberal my entire life, until this day. I had an early midlife crisis when I was around 19 years-old, when I began to think that I didn’t actually believe in the principles with which I was raised. I was raised by a very big southern Democrat union family. I was indoctrinated by years of pop-culture, educational bias, and family mantra. It was the only way. I did not vote for George W. Bush. I supported Gore. Even as I began to shed the beliefs of a Democrat, one thing remained: I still felt that America had a problem with the “military complex.” The only reason people were hostile to us, I surmised, was because they were intimidated by our military. I thought Bush was representative of this and it was the reason I didn’t support him.

    That belief was blown to hell on 9/11.

    “Thank God George Bush is president,” I blurted out in the middle of a furious sob. My husband, who was born wearing a Reagan shirt, looked at me with wide-eyed wonderment.

  • She claimed that she had to "sit with the 3-4 years olds at the Thanksgiving table for being a Republican." (approx. 2:29).
  • She stated that the St. Louis Tea Party movement started back in February 2009, when The Dana Show was just a Sunday-only show. (approx. 2:54).
  • She repeated the "I am two steps above an anarchist" claim and is an advocate of Article I, Section 8 Conservatism. (approx 3:11).
  • She repeated that this is the "biggest movement since the 1960's Hippies." Nope, Occupy Wall Street and anti-war demonstrations are bigger than the astroturfed Teabagger movement. (approx. 3:47)
  • She mentioned her WPITW win. (approx. 5:00)
  • She falsely claimed that "nobody watches Current TV." In fact, its ratings have increased since Countdown aired back in June, and it's adding The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur to the lineup.
  • She stated that "our children and grandchildren are going to be subjected to a lower standard of living due to overregulations and socialism." WRONG, it's due to the GOP's policies. (approx. 7:39).
  • She baselessly compared the Democratic Party to "a Socialist party." She also suggested that the "Congressional Progressive Caucus has overran the Democrat Party." (approx 10:19).
  • She lied about theAnthony Weiner incident. (approx. 15:40).
  • She falsely claimed that the "PPACA supports taxpayer paying for abortions." (approx. 20:12). She advocated for Violence at that rally.
  • She baselessly stated that Betsey Bruce works for KMOV (CBS 4). No, Bruce works for KTVI (FOX 2), the same station that features the much despised by Conservatives Charles Jaco and the rising star Angie Mock. (approx. 21:19)
  • She misleadingly claims that "the Liberals, Democrats, Unions are the ones that get violent." In fact, it's the Teahadists (and herself) that commit the most violent acts. (approx. 22:21)
  • She stated that "Union Bosses are the scum of the Earth." Typical for this union-hating nimrod to say.(approx. 23:50)
  • She made another phony claim that the "Democrats and Unions are against worker's rights." (approx. 24:17)
  • She lied about SEIU bussing in people, when her cronies do the same thing and no howls from them there.
  • She accused "the left of shutting dissent down." WRONG AGAIN! (approx. 29:18)
  • She said "if you call me a teabagger, does that make you the teabaggee?" Baloney! (approx. 31:31)

We got more evidence of phony claims from her.

The event was home to Andrew Breitbart's violence-laced tirade calling Janeane Garofalo a "Hollywood Sympathy Fuck" and others.

The "Hollywood Sympathy Fuck" rant:
From Andrew Breitbart's September 30 speech at Tea Con 2011:

He also told the Unions, Jimmy Hoffa, and Richard Trumka "fuck you!"

Also, one of the top organizers for TeaCon, Steve Stevlic, was NOT in attendance. Reason: he loves to hang out with hookers.

As maybe the largest-ever gathering of Tea Partiers commences in Illinois this week, congratulations are due to Mr. Steve Stevlic, the activist without whom TeaCon 2011 would be impossible. Stevlic is the head of the Chicago Tea Party, one of the con's primary sponsors. In the words of radio host and National Review columnist Mark Levin, Stevlic's "terrific." According to CBS, he's the "Democrats' nightmare."

But if you're heading to the festivities this weekend and see Stevlic in person, there's one thing you probably shouldn't bring up with the activist and family values man: his arrest for soliciting a prostitute last summer.

Stevlic describes himself as an ordinary guy; a good, decent family man with a wife, two kids, and no pretensions. His humility and ideological fervor have earned him friendly profiles at CTV and the Guardian, and quotes on Fox News and The Hill. At TeaCon, he'll spend the next two days shaking hands, buddying up with Herman Cain, Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart and the other assorted big guns flying in for the revelry, and making nice with the hundreds of Tea Partiers who've spent hundreds of dollars to come and be trained in grassroots Tea-Party-foo. It'll be awesome.

When confronted about his behavior yesterday morning, Stevlic told us to direct subsequent questions to his lawyer. He did insist that he'd never tweeted anything about Jackson being a sex machine, which is ridiculous, because, well, see for yourself on the right. (Click the image to expand.)

Oh, well. Stevlic also told us that he'd been convicted of nothing, which is true. According to the Chicago DA, all charges against Stevlic were dropped when Stevlic agreed to participate in a rehab program for johns called "Unhooked," which he did. Stevlic also told us, guilt or innocence aside, that he feels compassion for Jackson, and we're sure he was telling the truth about that one, too. We bet he feels tons of compassion, especially now. It's no fun to have your dirty laundry aired in public. Anyway — Happy TeaCon!

Herman Cain won the straw poll convincingly-- about 77%, but Jon Huntsman and Gary Johnson got blank, and even President Barack Obama got a couple of votes. Michele Bachmann was the closest at nearly 9.5%.

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