Phyllis Schlafly whines about Obama's alleged "socialism" on The Dana Show

St. Louis' original nutjob and Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly appeared on today's edition of KFTK 97.1's The Dana Show to whine about President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party's alleged move towards "socialism." That is patently false, as Loesch and Schlafly are both lying to you.

Key Points:

  •  Loesch baselessly claims that "Obama's amped up the 'socialism' talk." (approx. 1:05)
  •  Schlafly misleadingly stated that "the only jobs he [President Obama]'s increased are government workers." (approx. 1:44)
  • She claims that "he's making this country to the point that people depend on the government." (approx. 1:52)
  • She opines that "he is a 'socialist at heart.'" (approx. 2:03)

    Schlafly believes that "Obama will be a one-term president, just like what Michele Bachmann said." They're both idiots. (approx. 3:17)

    She repeated the frequently-debunked lie that the "stimulus failed." (approx. 3:37)

  • Loesch falsely claims that "he gives the Government praise for the jobs, not the private sector in every speech." (approx. 4:20)

    Schlafly misleadingly stated that the "only 'real job' Obama ever held was Community Organizer." That is far from true.  (approx. 4:40)
  •  She baselessly claims that "Obama's leading us down the road to European-style socialism with his policies." (approx. 4:55)

    Loesch falsely stated that the former Speaker and current California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's views on "Let Women Die Act" (or the "Protect Life Act")  were heinous. (approx. 5:30).

    Schlafly misleadingly implied that the "Democratic Party and Obama are in the tank with the Radical Feminist Movement." (approx. 5:47)

    She thinks that "the Feminist Movement is running counter to what the [Conservative] Americans want." (approx. 6:30)

    Loesch claims that "Obama is doing poorly in the polls, and that a Generic Republican can win at this moment." Partially true there. Of course Repubmussen has the Generic GOP Candidate ahead 47-43. The most recent NBC/WSJ poll had Obama head 44-42.

  • She stated that "anytime a president has a 7%+ Unemployment Rate will likely not be re-elected."  This time around, President Obama will likely win re-election easily unless Mitt Romney is the GOP Nominee (w/o major "more Conservative" 3rd Party candidate). If Romney is the GOP nominee, there will VERY LIKELY be a 3rd party far-right candidate that will run either as an "Conservative Independent" or the Constitutional Party's candidate, thereby ensuring Obama a 2nd term..
  • She also claimed that "The Democratic Party is in trouble come 2012." (approx. 8:00) 
  • Schlafly falsely claimed that "Obama's spreading the wealth around from the rich to the poor." (approx. 8:34)

From the 10.20.2011 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

Facts: One of her sons is openly gay (John), but does hold many of the same positions as hers. Andrew Schlafly founded the highly biased Conservapedia.

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