DanaBusted.com: One Year Later

One year ago today on this date, DanaBusted.com was launched as a site to counter the lies, smears, and distortions that Dana Loesch regularly peddles on her radio show, her blogs at the Breitbart blogs (primarily Big Journalism), her public facebook page, her twitter page, and her TV appearances to her gullible fanbase. This site has stuff that sometimes Media Matters, RFT, and/or the St. Louis Activist Hub does not catch, and it serves as a complement to these sites as well. I personally did not start following Loesch and her distortions until around early 2010.

One year ago today, Loesch was a blogger at Big Journalism, but not Editor-In-Chief, as Michael Walsh was the EIC at the time DanaBusted.blogspot.com started out.
Now, she is Big Journalism's Editor-In-Chief, and is still distorting at will.

One year ago today, she was on CNN at least semi-regularly (in addition to Fox News, ABC, and CBS) for national TV appearances.
Now, Loesch is a CNN "Contributor" who is still misinforming the American people. Previously, she trashed Anderson Cooper.

Here is a countdown of Dana Loesch's Top 10 most brazen lies during the past year.

10. Loesch claims to be an "Independent Conservative," but is in fact a Republican watercarrier and shill... and has-- at the Presidential level-- endorsed Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, to name a few. At the Missouri level, she was a big backer of Todd Akin, Peter Kinder, Brian Nieves, Roy Blunt, and Ed Martin.

9. Loesch has continued to spout out anti-choice and homophobic viewpoints. She defended Missouri Congressman Todd Akin's baloney "Liberals hate God" statement without rebuttal. She has ties to the Religious Right. She is also a climate change denier. During the Weiner Debacle, Loesch and her ilk defended the corrupt members who smeared Weiner. She was a big cheerleader of defunding Planned Parenthood and NPR, along with other Progressive programs, such as Social Security.

8. Loesch has accused Liberal Feminists of being "anti-[conservative] woman," when she praises Conservative Feminist principles. She accused the DNC Chairwoman and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of being a disigneous liar, and defended the vile sexist Allen West. She has accused Shriver of "stalking her mommy blog [Mamalogues, which is now defunct]" and other banally insane lies.

7. Loesch has bashed Obama's economic policies as "socialism," "job-killing," and "wealth redistribution." Also, she lies about not being rich, when in fact she and her husband Chris (who works at Shock City Music) are greedy fatcats who hate the poor and the unemployed and has advocated for the country to default.

6. Loesch has repeatedly used Islamophobic rhetoric and has a hard-line anti-Islam stance, including but not limited to: Park 51, Pamela Geller, and mosques. She falsely claimed that the "Tea Partiers were the true Liberals."

5. Loesch has repeatedly and dishonestly claimed that "Liberals condone assualting Conservatives." . She baselessly believes that "The Liberals, Progressives, and Union Thugs do the violence, not the Conservatives." And then advocates violence against Liberals. She falsely claimed that Jared Loughner was a "far left loon." The truth was that Loughner had ties to white supremacist groups. She was the originator of the highly offensive "No meta4s" movement. See later in the countdown for more details on Kenneth Gladney.

4. Loesch falsely accused Obama and the Democratic Party of supporting terrorism. She flirted with Birtherism earlier this year.

3. Loesch's constant demonizations of unions. She painted unions as "vicious violent mobsters" and blames the "liberal media for ignoring union violence."

2. Loesch (and the rest of the STL Teabagger Hate Cabal) still continue(s) to trot out the widely debunked "union thugs beat up Kenneth Gladney" bogus spin, in addition to accusing Liberals and Democrats of being racist. In the immediate aftermath of the "beating," the SEIU Missouri has stated that it was not "SEIU Thuggery" who did the assaulting. Gladney tried to use a wheelchair as a prop, but even the two Teahadist judges weren't buying it (OR any of his hijinks). Elston McCowan and Perry Molens were ruled not guilty in a trial decided in mid-July 2011. Unsurprisingly, Loesch and her Teabagger hordes whined about it.

She is a promoter of Racism and race-baiting.

T1.The Breitbart/Loesch Axis Of Evil smears the UMSL/UMKC professors, defended Phil Christofanelli's falsehoods.

T1. Loesch condoned Rand Paul supporters stomping on a MoveOn.org activist's head. She of course refused to apologize to the MoveOn.org activist who got her head stomped on, and she had the nerve to cruelly suggested that she, not the stompers, apologize.

Bonus: Dana Loesch whined about the new Secret Service bus being made for Obama (and future Presidents and Presidential Candidates [regardless of party], plus the Speaker of the House) being made partially in Canada as a "waste of money." The Winnipeg Free Press had this article, which included a quote from St. Louis's leading liar.

"We just build the shells and we don't always know where it's going to the end user," Ziegler said.

"We're not really at liberty to talk about them, because it's Secret Service."

Prevost's VIP H3-45 is also often used by rock stars on tour.

The jet-black behemoth with tinted windows has garnered attention for its elaborate look.

The $1.1-million bus is one of two ordered by the Secret Service and will be used during the upcoming U.S. presidential elections -- one for each of the presidential candidates.

Dana Loesch, a CNN contributor, radio-host and Tea Party activist, said this week on her Twitter account: "Nothing says 'Let's tour America and talk about jobs!' than a big, black, hearsemobile of doom."
If that bus was made under a Republican President, would Loesch be supporting it? Oh, yeah, she would!

Recently, Loesch was also at least partly responsible for Thom and Jeff's firing at KPNT. The reason why they [Emmis] fired Thom and Jeff is they they wanted to go cheaper and/or pay her a bigger salary come contract time.

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