Dana Loesch continues to misinform for her audience

She ran with 2 non-stories (except with the Righties), 1st with the Gibson Guitars allegedly being raided for politics, and secondly, falsely accused ESPN of being a "liberal outlet."

Firstly, the Gibson Guitars:

Loesch though it was all just a "political hit on GOP-supporting business." WRONG!
I'm now 99% convinced that this was a political hit on a GOP-supporting business. #Gibson

She had on the Gibson Guitars CEO Henry Juszkiewicz on last Friday's edition of KFTK's The Dana Show to blame it on Obama, Holder, and the DOJ.

From the 08.26.2011 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

Secondly, on her Big Non-Journalism blog, she alleged that Paul Azinger was silenced and baselessly accused ESPN of being "Obama Cheerleaders".

A note for future prospective ESPN employees: You can only cheerlead Obama at ESPN. I’m not joking.

Case in point: The network’s golf analyst, 12-time PGA Tour winner Paul Azinger hit out at the President’s amount of golf games on Twitter.

Azinger’s remarks prompted ESPN to crack down:
ESPN is coming down on Paul Azinger for mocking President Barack Obama on Twitter. The golf analyst tweeted Thursday the Commander-in-chief plays more golf than he does — and that Azinger has created more jobs this month than Obama has.
On Friday ESPN ‘reminded” Azinger his venture into political punditry violates the company’s updated social network policy for on-air talent and reporters.
“Paul’s tweet was not consistent with our social media policy, and he has been reminded that political commentary is best left to those in that field,” spokesman Andy Hall told Game On! in a statement.
ESPN’s Hall would not comment on whether Azinger, who won the 1993 PGA Championship, will be fired, suspended or punished in some way. “We handle that internally,” he said.
Fired? Seriously? I wonder if Mayne was ever threatened with his job over his antics.
I support businesses’ rights and if ESPN wants to enact a ban on political commentary from their on-air talent (it seems a bit of a stretch for me to include personal social media accounts into that) they have the right to do such and contributors have the right not to sign with them. However, if ESPN is allowing one on-air talent to air his political views while denying another the same privilege under the same rules, then it seems tantamount to discrimination and a host of other problems, which isn’t OK.
Team Azinger, for the record.
So Disney bankrolls Obama’s campaign, also owns ESPN, allows glowing commentary of Obama from its contributors and on-air talent and censures Obama dissent from their talent. No, no bias here at all.

No, Dana, Azinger was NOT silenced at all and ESPN does NOT cheerlead for either party.

From the 08.29.2011 edition of CNN Newsroom:


KYRA PHILLIPS: "Political Buzz," your rapid fire look at the hottest political topics of the day, three questions and 30 seconds on the clock, and playing today is Democratic strategist, Maria Cardonia, Pete Dominick, host of XM radio's "Stand Up with Pete Dominick" and CNN contributor and talk radio host, Dana Loesch. All right, guys, first question. President Obama is saying this isn't over. Governor Christie telling the folks to get off of the beach or even the North Carolina Governor Perdue being front and center, the damage from Irene wasn't as bad as feared.

But in any national disaster, there are political winners and losers. So what do you guys think, who won and lost, Maria?

MARIA CARDONA, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: I think that the winners here, Kyra, were from the president on down to state and local elected officials including Mayor Bloomberg, the legend of Cory Brooker in New Jersey continues to grow as a response of leader, mayors, governors, Governor Christie, I think did a great job.

And Governor O'Malley, Governor Perdue as you mentioned, Governor McDonald, I think it's really a testament to how prepared the federal government was to basically coordinate the operations with the state and the local officials.

The losers were people like Ron Paul who thinks that FEMA should not exist and people like Rick Perry who wants to make Washington inconsequential, to those Americans whose lives were saved that's not a good thing.


DANA LOESCH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: It is not a Monday without Maria, God bless you.

PHILLIPS: Back at you, Dana.

LOESCH: Kind of, in a weird way, agree with her. I think that state officials did a fantastic job because this is what state officials need to do, this is how you respond to disasters.

But ultimately I think the winners were the American people, because we kept hearing that this is so much worse than it actually was, and still, there is damage and lives lost.

But I mean, think about how bad this could have been and compare with the results that we actually saw. So I think that it really comes down to, again, American people won.


PETE DOMINICK, HOST, STAND UP ON XM RADIO: Well, the political winners, and in this case any time there's a hurricane, all presidents and all politicians at the federal level, they think about Katrina. Nobody wants to be George Bush and heck of a job brownie.

So they were prepared for that politically, but yes, I think government wins because people reminded of what government's role is, what their responsibility is and mostly, they did a great job.

But remember, without the federal government, states would pick up that 75 percent of the cost themselves. The federal government is going to do that in places that were declared a natural disaster area or emergency disaster, whatever they call it.

PHILLIPS: All right.

Part two here, Ron Paul saying that we should get rid of FEMA. Michelle Bachmann says the storm and earthquakes are signs from God.

OK, guys, are these candidates ready for the big office?


LOESCH: Well, what I don't understand is how FEMA went from being Satan's spawn under Bush to now it's like yes, FEMA. I don't think that there's any argument that FEMA is a -- a completely corrupt department. I don't think that there's any argument. You had the Florida "Sun Sentinel," the "Los Angeles Times," "The Journal of Economics" that have all done in depth investigative reviews and studies of how much money is actually wasted by this department.

But I think what Paul was actually saying is that we need to really rely, again, on the states and states being able to respond.

For instance, we had -- we had family and friends who lived in New Orleans...


LOESCH: -- and there were -- they actually -- they stopped the Red Cross from coming in and donating. They stopped locals and -- and charities from coming and from helping out. That's -- that's not disaster relief, that's control.


CARDONA: I want to answer for Dana's first question, is Hurricane Katrina. That's why FEMA became yes, FEMA now, whereas before, they had absolutely no clue what they were doing.

In terms of your question, Kyra, absolutely not. They are not ready for prime time. Look, under a Ron Paul administration, we would already have legalized marijuana, the Department of Education would have been wiped out. So people would be mellow, they would be undereducated and perhaps they wouldn't even know if their neighborhood was underwater and no one was coming to rescue them.



DOMINICK: Well, Ron Paul is right about marijuana and -- and foreign policy. But on this whole FEMA thing, Michelle Bachmann talking about that, you know, God and, you know, the earthquake -- was behind the earthquake and -- and the hurricane, I agree with her. Michelle Bachmann is right, God is mad. But he'd mad that American people would possibly consider her as president of the United States.

(LAUGHTER) PHILLIPS: Oh, whoa. Your buzzer beater now. Twenty seconds each.

Here we go. George Pataki says he's not going to make a presidential run in 2012. At least he won't be another candidate to throw his hat into the ring only to have voters say, who exactly is that?

So who else do you want to see not run, guys, in the 2012 race, any party?


LOESCH: Oh, goodness. Well, I'm kind of glad that Pataki is not running, because I always thought of him as a RINO. But I think that we have a lot of Republican stars that are not yet ready for a presidential race. I'd like -- perhaps Mike Pence will run in 2016, not now. Marco Rubio, I think, is a safe bet for 2016. Chris Christie maybe for 2016. But none of them now, not -- no -- no offense, guys, but just not right now.


CARDONA: I think for me, as the Democrat on the panel here, the question actually does need to be the opposite, because I would love all of those people to actually jump in and run.

First on my list, Sarah Palin. Second on my list, Christine O'Donnell. She might not even not only be able to talk to God, she can talk to the Goddess. So I think that you can also look at Alan Keyes.

Where is that guy?

Tom Tancredo would be great. Jump in, everybody. The more the merrier.


PHILLIPS: Pete Dominick?

DOMINICK: Yes, Alan Keyes was a tough was a tough candidate. Also, Pat Robertson or any of these people that, like Michelle Bachmann, think God is responsible for the natural disasters because of things that are happening in America.

I'd like to announce today, Kyra, I have decided I am not running for president in 2012. A lot of people are going to be very, very happy about that.

PHILLIPS: Oh. We are...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, that's to bad, Pete.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, the three...


PHILLIPS: -- the three of us ladies here...


PHILLIPS: Yes, we're very disappointed.


DOMINICK: I will be getting the e-mails from all of you. Yes, I know. I'm sorry.


PHILLIPS: See you guys.

DOMINICK: Maybe next...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There's still time.

DOMINICK: Maybe next time.

PHILLIPS: Yes. There you go. You never know up to the last minute.

All right.

Well, the New York City...

DOMINICK: There's never been a...

PHILLIPS: The New York City hospitals that evacuated the patients because of Irene, well, they're slowly getting back into place. We're going to have a live report and an update just after the break.

Loesch, like other Right-Wing yakkers, bashed Obama's handling of Hurricane Irene for partisan gain.

From the 08.29.2011 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

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