Big Journalism's EIC Loesch: "Those Riverfront Times hacks are smearing Kinder"

Today, The Riverfront Times' internet news division Daily RFT's Sarah Fenske wrote about Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R), who is expected to challenge incumbent Governor Jay Nixon (D) for the Governorship in Jefferson City come 2012, was caught carousing with a porn actress. I bet this benefits Nixon come November 2012.

Yesterday, we showed you a picture of Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, grinning broadly at a bar with an unidentified blond.

A bartender at Verlin's, which recently moved from Soulard to Vandeventer, in the Grove district, confirmed to RFT that Kinder is a fan of the establishment. "People might catch him here," she said. "I'm not saying he's here every day..."

And the sexy blond with whom Kinder is posing, Daily RFT can confirm, was a Penthouse "pet of the month" in the early 90s. She was a bartender at Verlin's at the time the photo was taken.

Kinder, a Republican, is widely believed to be planning a run for governor. The never-married Cape Girardeau native is a favorite of the Tea Party.
Imagine what the reaction on the right (especially the Christianist nuthousers) would be if Peter Kinder (who is single, and not yet married) was a Democratic Lt. Governor. They would be demonizing him as a "drunken, socialist, communist pervert and porno addict" instead of having "he's just having a good time."

Of course, that brought out Teahadist and serial distortion artist from Big "Journalism's" Editor-In-Chief Dana Loesch to defend Kinder from "those evil fun-hating liberals."

I had to have a little chuckle over St. Louis’s alterna-weekly today after receiving a link to their recent article on Missouri’s Lt. Governor Peter Kinder. The headline? “Peter Kinder: Every Night’s a Pantless Party.

Hold up – you’re telling me that Missouri’s single male Lt. Governor has been to a bar where drinks are made by panty’d servers?

Oh my, I may not vote for him once, I may go all ACORN and vote for him twice.

And who cares if he did? Last I checked, it was a free country. Kinder is single, no crotch shots were sent while his spouse was away. Kinder didn’t deny visiting the bar afterwards by claiming that I or Andrew Breitbart hacked his social media account, thus Photoshopping him at the bar. No heather-gray manties were involved in this story, he didn’t dress up as Tigger and make unwanted advances towards underage girls.
When did the RFT become such a prude? Is this supposed to be a smear?

I’m sure we’ll soon see those replaced by ads for modesty swimsuits and arranged marriage brokers now, considering the RFT’s new stance.

Sorry, Dana, the last time I checked, people like you, "Dr." Gina Loudon, Phyllis Schlafly, and their ilk are the ones that are the prudes, and not the Riverfront Times. And the Times will still have the same ads for strip clubs and phone sex lines, plus it runs Dan Savage's column.

If a Democratic politician behaved in that manner, then Loesch would be having a hissy fit and saying this person's an "immoral and loose sexual deviant." Yet more pathetic excuses to defend a Republican at all costs.

And, Ms. Dana The Devil, You cannot vote for Kinder twice in a single election, unless you mean the GOP primary and the the General Election. Remember the "one man/woman, one vote" principle, anyone? It's 'one man/woman, one vote," and not "one man/woman, 2 or more votes!"

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