Adam Shriver confronts Andrew Breitbart AND Dana Loesch: Shriver wins

This weekend, St. Louis Activist Hub's Adam Shriver confronts Dana Loesch and Andrew Breitbart. You know who won? The good guy, not the goons who work for Breitfart. Remember the last time Shriver confronted Loesch, and she lost badly.

Here are the videoclips that expose them two for the loons that they are:

The ethically challenged Andrew Breitbart was making shit up as usual:

Breitbart claims that Kenneth Gladney was called the n-word by Elston McCowan. At best this claim is disputed and I would argue the evidence against it is stronger than the evidence for it. At the trial, which I attended unlike anyone from the tea party, the three defense witnesses all were consistent in saying that what Elston McCowan, a black Baptist Minister, said was the word "negro" rather than The N-word. On the other hand, out of the three witnesses from the prosecution, one said that McCowan used the bizarre expression "son of an n-word," one said he used the expression "n-word" but didn't hear anything about a "son of a..", and Kenneth Gladney, after two years of saying that only Elston McCowan used the n-word, all-of-a-sudden changed his story to now claim that both McCowan and co-defendent Perry Molens called him the n-word. The inconsistencies between the prosecution's witnesses and the fact that Gladney changed his story no doubt counted strongly against the prosecution's case, as the jury took only 40 minutes to reach a "non-guilty" verdict for the SEIU defendants.
Breitbart repeated his absurd conspiracy theory that the White House sent a signal for "union thugs" to beat up innocent tea partiers at the town halls. He implicated the deputy White House Chief of Staff, the head of the AFL-CIO John Sweeney, and the SEIU in his grand conspiracy. Though the claim is clearly absurd that there was some massive government conspiracy coming from the White House to beat up a random guy selling buttons at a townhall, Breitbart actually showed remarkable constraint, at least considering that his sites and the tea party have collectively implicated all of the following groups and entities in their conspiracy theories about that night:

Breitbart claims that only Carnahan supporters were allowed in the townhall. This is not true. In fact, Dana Loesch and many tea partiers were in the townhall, as she admits. The claim is based on the fact that in addition to the main entrance there was a side door where some but not all people were being allowed in. My guess is that the door was being used to allow people in who had volunteered to help, but I honestly don't know the exact circumstances. Regardless, it doesn't have much relevance for the question of who started the altercation between McCowan and Gladney.

Breitbart's argument that UMSL should post the full 31 hours of video is a red herring. UMSL is prohibited by law from releasing the personal information of students, and for good reason. Academic freedom is, in part, based on the idea that students should be allowed to explore academic ideas in a classroom without fear of retribution or persecution. Breitbart's decision to post video of the students' comments on a public website is despicable. As for his suggestion that UMSL publish a transcript of the entire class with student names blocked out, I suspect that the reason they're not doing that is the same reason that he won't do it: it would be an absurdly time-intensive project.

His Lieutenant Smearer-In-Chief Dana Loesch went right to her incoherent talking points:
  • At the beginning of the video Loesch asks "Does Washington University know that it's employee is here using its resources to smear private citizens?" It's true that I'm a graduate student at Washington University, but why Loesch thinks that I'm "using university resources" by engaging in a non-academic discussion on a Saturday afternoon in the summer is beyond me. Seems a little anti-free speech, doesn't it?
  • Loesch claims, and has been claiming for a year, that I'm an "SEIU blogger." I've never been paid anything by SEIU and have no idea why anyone would call me that. Loesch claims that someone referred to me as an "SEIU blogger" on a video, and suggests that someone from SEIU made that claim at an NAACP press conference. I'm skeptical that anyone from SEIU said that since I don't think anyone from the group was even at the press conference she mentioned, but whomever said it would be wrong.
  • Loesch also claims that I "laughed" at the same NAACP press conference when someone called Gladney an "Uncle Tom." It's true that I was at the event, but I'm sure I didn't laugh. I remember feeling uncomfortable with the comments. Another manufactured smear.
  • Finally, Loesch disgustingly claimed that I was "stalking her children," another tea party conspiracy theory I've heard before. I previously had no idea what the claim was referring to, but Loesch explained that it was in reference to the fact that, "you clicked the website where my children are on." In other words, despite the fact that I have never, ever, said anything about her children in any context nor do I know anything about them or want to, she's claiming that I "stalk her children" because one time I linked to a post on her Mom Blog that she had referenced from her political Twitter account. That's pretty despicable behavior from a CNN analyst, or from anyone for that matter.

  • Is this woman batshit crazy or what?! She used to have a blog about her family, called Mamalogues, which she quit posting there earlier this year. She just HATES having someone informed call her out on her inane bullshit.

    Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit calls Shriver a "leftist troll" and refers him as "Allen Shriver."
    Andrew Breitbart spoke at the MoveOnUp.org Conference for black conservatives in St. Louis this past weekend. (It was a great success, by the way.) During a break Andrew was ambushed by a local far left troll Allen Shriver from the St. Louis Activist Hub. Shriver has a reputation for being a complete loon – his long, rambling, Media Matters a$$-kissing post on the ambush confirms this.

    Nope, it's Adam Shriver, thank you very much. And it's Hoft that's the complete loon, not Shriver.

    My comment on GatewayPundit's joke of a site:
    That blogger from the St. Louis Activist Hub’s name is ADAM Shriver, and NOT ALLEN Shriver. Hoft, Loesch, and Breitfart are lying morons, and Shriver’s telling the truth as usual.

    I bet it will be deleted or reported eventually.

    KTVI covered the Move-On-Up story, but did it cover Shriver? Nope.

    African Americans who share conservative views on society and politics gathered in St. Louis this weekend to talk about building a grassroots organization. It was the first national convention for Move-On-Up.Org, a group that began as an electronic social network connecting blacks who felt big government was heading in the wrong direction.

    The meeting drew people from six or seven states as well as Missouri politicians including Republican Lt. Governor Peter Kinder.

    Nationally known conservatives Andrew Breitbart, known for his blog Big Government and Star Parker, a syndicated columnist, author and network TV commentator were among the speakers. Parker runs a think tank which promotes market based pubic policy to fight poverty.

    The first African American chairman of the St. Charles County Republican Party, Eugene Dokes credited Move-On-Up with encouraging his interest in politics and challenging him to improve his education.
    Kinder avoided talking to reporters who were waiting for him outside the dinner event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Airport. He slipped in and out of a kitchen entrance.
    Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R) snuck out of the conference to avoid scrutiny about his sordid details.

    Kudos to Adam Shriver for going into enemy territory to call out these morons.

    UPDATE: In the clip, per Daily RFT, Andrew Breitbart told Dana Loesch to "shut up."

    This Thursday is the one-year anniversary of DanaBusted.Blogspot.com.

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