FLASHBACK: Dana Loesch at the 2011 TPP American Party Summit

Back in February 2011, at the Tea Party Patriots Party Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, CNN "Contributor" and KFTK radio hatemonger Dana Loesch was repeating the same right-wing lies as always.

Her key falsehoods:
- She has again called herself an "Independent Conservative" or a "Conservatarian" when she is in fact a Republican shill. She hates anyone who isn't sufficiently Conservative to her standards.
- She was whining about "union thugs busting up the private sector." Typical anti-union rhetoric from her.
- She threw a fit about the GOP-led Missouri House and State Senate. She accused Missouri House Speaker (and running for Lt. Governor in 2012) Tilley of "cozying up with the New Black Panther Party." She also accused Tilley of "taking notes from former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the socialists who run the government."
- She supports "Article 1, Section 8" conservatism.
- She whines about "Unions bussing in protestors to harass Conservatives," when it's the opposite.
- "There was a recall, and it was on November 2nd, 2010." NOT! There is, however, recalls against Rick Snyder and Scott Walker ongoing.
- "I do not to be a modern-day slave on the United Plantations of America, and that's their [unions] platform!" WRONG, Dana! Guess who wants to turn the US into the United Plantations of America? Teahadists, Koch Bros, and their ilk. That's who!
- "I don't want the Unions/Liberals/Democrats telling me what kind of lightbulb into my lamp." That canard has been proven false.
- "I don't want someone telling me that my dish detergent can't have phosphates."
- She defends the Koch Brothers activities, and then accuses the left of using "astroturf groups" to fund protests.
- "We know no party except a movement which recognizes the blessings by God and Liberty." Incorrect. They are (mostly) loyal to the GOP.

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