On last Wednesday's The Dana Show, Loesch defends Geller's blatant Islamophobia

On last Wednesday's edition of KFTK's The Dana Show, Dana Loesch had the Islamophobic Pamela Geller on as her guest, and of course, she defended Geller's extremist Islamophobia rants. Geller and Loesch both have a long history of insidious Islamophobic viewpoints.

From Media Matters:

Days before Pam Geller came under fire for "attacking the victims" of the recent Oslo attacks, radio host Dana Loesch championed Geller's "good fight" against "the jihadi mindset."

Geller, the Atlas Shrugs blogger and frequent Fox News guest, has been under the microscope since the attacks, as commenters noted that accused killer Anders Behring Breivik frequently cited fringe Islamophobic bloggers, including Geller, in his manifesto.

Geller now faces widespread condemnation after a weekend blog post in which she called the Norwegian youth camp where dozens of young people were massacred an "anti-Semitic indoctrination training center" and posted a picture of the targeted children with the caption.

Just last week, in fact, Geller called into The Dana Show, where host Dana Loesch defended Geller, saying criticism of her hate speech and was nothing more than "extreme, baseless, bigoted, partisan attacks." Geller, as Loesch claimed, was under attack and being "defamed" because she "posed such a threat to people who have supported the jihadi mindset."

Loesch insisted that Geller's rhetoric did not constitute hate speech, encouraged Geller to "keep fighting the good fight," and assured her that "you've got a lot of people standing behind you."

Yet another reason why Loesch is THE biggest hatemonger on St. Louis radio.

From the 07.27.2011 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

Today, Loesch is filling in for Lars Larson on The Lars Larson Show. And it will be more of the same lies and distortions that she utters on The Dana Show daily and on her CNN appearances.

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