Loesch and her cronies at "Smart Girl" Summit 2011

The massively misinformed Dana Loesch spoke at the "Smart Girl" Summit (which might as well be called the Misinformed Conservative Women Summit) which was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Here is a look at what she and her cronies said at the event:

Loesch, a GOP shill who pretends to be an independent conservative, said "We criticize the GOP because we care."

Loesch spoke to PJTV's Alexis Garcia on her take of the Teahadist movement. As expected, she blamed the Democrats for the economy being bad.

Herman Cain falsely states that "invoking the 14th Amendment is an abuse of the Constitution."

Missouri's Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R) was whining about the "Federal Government being 'despots' over the states."

Andrew Breitbart blamed the "liberal media" for having a bias, with no regard for facts. In fact, Fixed Noise and right-wing media is more biased than the So-Called Liberal Media.

Of course, there was union-bashing going on, as Scott Walker crony, aka Wisconsin's Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (R) defended Walker's insane actions:

Phyllis Schlafly, St. Louis's Original Nutjob, said: "Obama Raising the Debt Ceiling On His Own is Unconstitutional." If Bush (or any other GOP President) did it, then Schlafly would be praising it.

The SGS Straw Poll results, the 1st ever women's Presidential straw poll, gave the absolutely insane Michele Bachmann a victory but Herman Cain was a closer-than-expected 2nd. Rick Perry and Sarah Palin were NOT on the ballot.

Billing it as the first ever women’s presidential straw poll, nearly 300 conservative women activists cast their ballots in Louisville this weekend at the third annual Smart Girl Summit to give their favorite presidential candidates a boost.

Michele Bachmann came in first—no shock there—but it wasn’t the complete blowout many expected from an audience of conservative women. Entrepreneur and inspirational speaker Herman Cain finished a close second, underscoring that the women are looking for conservative grassroots leadership regardless of gender.

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This is the season for straw polls, and it’s always fun to measure the candidates against one another. But it’s unclear how much they mean in a primary contest that doesn’t get underway for another six months, and when two potentially major candidates, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, were left off the ballot, since they were at the summit.

Many of the women were undecided and agonized over their choice, with some wanting to write in Palin or Perry, but the voting was limited to declared candidates.

Results of the Straw Poll, via Benjamin Daily's Twitter:
Women's Straw Poll results: Bachmann 40%, Cain 30%, Paul 9%, Romney 8%, Pawlenty 7.4%, Santorum 3%, & 4 tied with 0.7%


Sarah Palin's The Undefeated (more like The Unfinished or The Quitter Who Loses) was on hand at the event. The film has a 0% rating at RottenTomatoes.com. The pro-Palin apologists, especially over at C4P.com, are spinning this as if it were a big hit.

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