On CNN Newsroom, Loesch says "Mosques should have to disclose any ties that go against the USA"

On today's CNN Newsroom, St. Louis's leading hate jock Dana Loesch went on the air and made this statement: "Mosques should disclose if they have "ties to any organizations that present a conflict of interest to US security." This type of Islamophobic villianization is on par for someone loonytunes like Loesch.


PHILLIPS: Checking top stories now. The heat is unrelenting. The National Weather Service declaring excessive heat warnings for 14 states. The humidity can make it feel as hot as 126 in some places, and it's extending all the way through the Midwest. No deaths have been reported so far.

Former "News of the World" Rebekah Brooks will testify as scheduled tomorrow before British lawmakers investigating illegal eavesdropping by journalists. Brooks was arrested and released over the weekend.

President Obama says talks will continue this week, but top Republicans say they still need more specifics on deficit reduction before agreeing to anything. In a new twist Moody's, the big credit rating agency, says that the U.S. would be better off if it did away with the debt ceiling entirely. Lawmakers have an August 2nd deadline to get that deal done.

All right, "Political Buzz," your rapid fire look at the hottest political topics of the day. Three questions and 20 seconds on the clock and playing today, Democratic strategist Maria Cardona, Sirius XM political talk show host and comedian Pete Dominick and CNN contributor and talk show radio host Dana Loesch.

First question, you guys, this hour, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates sitting down with President Obama. What kind of advice should they give the president to solve the debt impasse? Dana --

DANA LOESCH, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: Goodness, have the Senate Democrats come up with some sort of balanced budget amendment or come up with specific cuts that they can make in these debt talks. That's one of the things that we're missing.

Realistic, big-time cuts that were actually going to have a difference aside from the pettily $2 trillion, where only in D.C. would $2 trillion sound like a nothing amount.

PHILLIPS: The pettily $2 trillion, Maria.

MARIA CARDONA, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: I think what they'll do, Kyra, is continue to urge this president to stand strong on wanting to keep tax revenues, new revenues into whatever deal. They have been saying for many, many, many years that they are -- that people like them can and should be paying more because any deal needs to be fair and balanced. Most Americans agree with that.


PETE DOMINICK, SIRIUS-XM POLITICAL TALK SHOW HOST: Well, maybe Bill Gates could tell the president how to design a revolutionary new operating system that would dominate all computers.

Short of that, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have taken advantage of all these tax loopholes that President Obama wants to close. These guys know better than anyone how to take advantage of them. They should tell the president what they use, and maybe he could address those issues right now.

PHILLIPS: All right, guys, GOP candidate Herman Cain says a community should be able to prevent building a mosque in their neighborhood. Is this kind of thinking presidential? Dana.

LOESCH: Well, really quickly, 55 percent of American oppose tax hikes in the debt ceiling talks. But according to -- going along with Herman Cain's discussion here, I'm against mob rule.

But I believe that any sort of mosque that's built in a community needs to disclose whether or not it has ties to any organizations that present a conflict of interest to American security. I think that two-way street is fair, so hopefully we can have more of that in the future.


CARDONA: It is as far from presidential you can get. It's downright shameful. Would he ask the same of Christians, of Buddhists, of Hindus, of Jewish people wanting to build those kinds of institutions and places of worship in their communities?

He is in essence equating American Muslims, Americans in their community with al Qaeda and with Osama Bin Laden, downright shameful.


DOMINICK: This is so stupid and insulting. Herman Cain and anybody who shares this kind of idea that says you can't build a house of worship is a joke. It's insulting.

I'm no fan of religion myself, but this is too sad. He actually has a lot of executive experience. He should focus on that. Muslims have helped disrupt every plot in America. We need to be their friend, not their enemies and that's exactly what he's doing.

PHILLIPS: All right, guys, your buzzer beater. Ten seconds each. Sarah Palin's movie is out for all to see this weekend. Her big competition is Harry Potter. What would you rather see, Maria? CARDONA: I would rather see Harry Potter. If I was a fan of horror movies, I go see Sarah Palin's movie because I'm sure it's going to be downright scary. It would give me nightmares for days.


LOESCH: That's so classy. I'm going to see the Sarah Palin movie obviously, but I'm also going to see the Harry Potter because I have two boys. I have to. I'm obligated to.


DOMINICK: Well, one movie has really made us familiar with a character who developed over three years and helped people who are very religious and lack certain critical thinking skills. I really am attracted to that, but the other movie centers around a wizard. So -


DOMINICK: I'm not sure. I think it's a win-win.

PHILLIPS: Thanks, guys, for weighing in.
The other two panelists, Maria Cardona and Pete Dominick, went against Loesch's insane view of Muslims and the rabidly Islamophobic Herman Cain.

From the 07.18.2011 edition of CNN Newsroom:

Last week, she and her toadies were whining about the Kenneth Gladney verdict not going their way, and not even the 2 Teahadist judges weren't buying Gladney's excuses. Loesch was using the Gladney story in order to preach anti-Union views to her audience.

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