Follow-Up to Shriver vs. Loesch/Breitbart (100th post at DanaBusted)

Today, our friend at the St. Louis Activist Hub Adam Shriver released videos of Toilet Mouth and Senile Liar Dana Loesch telling blatant lies to her followers at the Move-On-Up Conference this past weekend. As we detailed here a day or two ago with the full video and information of Shriver confronting her and Andrew Breitbart-- which Shriver won. Meanwhile, Loesch was making up phony as hell claims such as "That WashU Stalker Blogger Adam Shriver was stalking my kids," "Shriver used WashU resources to defame me and other Teabaggers," and more ridiculous shit along those lines.

Here's Shriver's take on the follow-up:
A few clarifications about the press conference. First, the NAACP was one of the groups at the press conference, but the conference itself was actually composed of several different groups. Zaki Baruti, the guy who made the "Uncle Tom" comments because he believed that Gladney was faking his injuries and attacking the NAACP as a direct result of the fact that tea party and Breitbart's sites were continuously raising money for Gladney, might be a member of the local NAACP, but he's more commonly associated with the United African People's Organization (UAPO).

I distinctly remember being uncomfortable with the term, and in fact the video Breitbart's sites used to claim that the NAACP was "racist" proves that I did not laugh at the claim. In the video, I'm sitting immediately to the left of Zaki (from the viewer's perspective), and it's obvious that I don't laugh when he uses the terms "negro" or "Uncle Tom:"

It's pretty despicable for CNN contributor Dana Loesch to accuse someone of racism based on a completely dishonest claim about a video, but that's exactly what she does.

St. Louis's Most Despicable Toxic Liar falsely claims that "Shriver is a paid SEIU thug blogger."

So what's the evidence for this claim? Loesch says that SEIU "called me their blogger" at the same press conference referred to above. Actually, there were no employees from SEIU at the conference. Elston McCowan and Perry Molens were both former members of SEIU, and here's the video Loesch was basing her claims on.

McCowan and Molens were right, and Delusional Loesch was wrong.

Loesch falsely accuses Shriver of stalking her and her kids:
When I ask her what evidence she has for this obnoxious claims, she responsds, "you've clicked on the site where my children are at." Based on conversations with other tea partiers, I know that this obnoxious claim from Loesch comes from the fact that one time, after Loesch tweeted a link to her Mommy blog from her political twitter account, I linked to that post in one of my blog posts. You can read my post here.

It's pretty amazing that CNN allows their name to be dragged into the mud and slime by paying Loesch as a "political analyst."

These clips are all proof that Dana Loesch is an ultra-right wing psycho. And why would Emmis (who owns KFTK, KHITS, KPNT, and KSHE in the St. Louis market) lets her spew her filth on two stations (KFTK [her home station] and WIBC) for 2 hours per day, 10 hours per week, called The Dana Show? Why in God's name does CNN continue to allow her on the air as a paid "contributor" to say disgusting, false, and loonytunes statements without challenge?

This is the blog's 100th blogpost, which started about a year ago.

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