Typical from Loesch and Hoft: She falsely accuses Dr. Flood of "ceding US sovereignty to the UN"

Three of St. Louis' leading teabagger pro-2nd Amendment fetishists-- Dana Loesch, Chris Loesch, and Jim Hoft-- used today's gun safety rally in Downtown St. Louis City at Kiener Plaza to smear Mayor Francis Slay and promoted baseless United Nations-related conspiracy theories, such as falsely accusing speaker Dr. Robert Flood of "ceding United States sovereignty to the United Nations."

Earlier today a bunch of well-heeled progressive women from the nice, safe part of Missouri rolled into crime-ridden St. Louis city to condescend to city residents and hold signs proclaiming “Moms Demand Action! For Gun Sense In America!” Because what mom doesn’t demand action for things, gun sense especially? These moms aren’t like those pro-Second Amendment moms, who apparently do not demand gun sense, whatever that’s supposed to mean. 

St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay stood onstage behind speaker Dr. Robert Flood, who remarked how the United States should cede sovereignty to the United Nations because they can deal better with gun crime. You know, the United Nations that has has as members of its security council top-rated countries like Rwanda and Pakistan who are famous for citizens’ safety. 

I was a bit surprised by this; as Democrats go, Slay is perceived as a moderate. He’s never glommed onto the incendiary rhetoric his party has used or insulted the tea party. While his office did give some preferential treatment to the Occupy movement, he also cracked down on them shortly thereafter and threw them out of the park in which they were squatting. Mass arrests occurred and the Occupiers responded by defacing a city employee’s house and landmarks around the city. Personally, I’ve always had a friendly relationship with members of Slay’s staff which again, is why I am surprised that he attended this rally. It was anything but a non-partisan rally. Slay’s people are always careful to keep him from very polarizing events but in this case, they failed.  

Other failures of this rally: only around 150 people from around the area attended. Also, after hearing about class warfare and “one percenters” for a year, I found it hysterical to see that the rally seemed to only attract the most well-heeled limousine liberals. I wouldn’t expect these women to understand the realities of city life or the need for us city residents to protect ourselves. 
Loesch does not know a damn thing about guns (other than rehashing her horseshit NRA talking points) if it bit her on the ass. She also called the pro-gun safety advocates "condescending." 

She further denounced the pro-gun safety protestors on Twitter and insulted [left-leaning] suburban (read: STL County) women:

She smeared the protestors as "bussed-in from the County progressives." I bet you if the protestors being bussed in supported Dana's viewpoint, she would cheer it. 

Your 2nd Amendment rights are NOT being eroded by these new gun safety proposals, Dana!

Actually, the people who live in gated subdivisions usually tend to be politically conservative, NOT liberal. 

You are a deranged douchebag, Dana!

WRONGO, Dana! That's a blatant generalization. 

Her husband, Chris, also took to Twitter and piled on to the distortions:

He repeated the "more people killed by hammers" lie.

He also an anti-choice zealot, just like his wife Dana.

Not necessarily related to today's gun safety event, but this tweet by him is so off the charts stupid that I have decided to call it our here:
He repeated another PPACA-related lie, this time being about "Obamacare will outlaw extreme sports".

Dr. Robert Flood, director of pediatric emergency at SLU, gave the keynote speech at the end of the rally. The good doctor urged supporters to call congress and turn your rights and sovereignty over to United Nations by supporting the Child Rights Act.

Hoft even took a cheap shot by repeating the far-right talking points equating the support of the Convention on the Rights of the Child Act was an "attempt to take away your rights and the nation's sovereignty over to the United Nations."

ST. LOUIS • The city of St. Louis is “armed to the hilt,” and must change that to prevent violence such as the crossfire shooting of a 4-year-old girl last week, Mayor Francis Slay told a crowd of gun-control advocates Saturday. 
Slay and other speakers called for assault weapons bans, universal background checks and other reforms in the wake of the massacre of 20 children and six educators by a gunman at a school in Newtown, Conn., in December. 
“I’m here because our streets of St. Louis are awash with guns,” Slay told the crowd. He noted that he was one of about 850 mayors nationally calling for stricter gun laws, with the focus on requiring universal background checks. Current federal law allows gun sales from unlicensed sellers with no such checks.
Steve Marx of St. Louis disagreed. He was one of about a dozen activists who stood at the edge of the rally holding up signs touting gun rights. Marx’s sign read, “Guns save lives.”
“They’re exploiting a tragedy committed by a madman. My rights are not what’s wrong,” Marx said. He said calls for universal background checks was an attempt by government at “total control” over gun owners. 
The gun-control rally was organized by a local chapter of the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. It included Clayton Mayor Linda Goldstein, University City Mayor Shelley Welsch and St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson. 
Organizers noted that Missouri’s two U.S. senators, Republican Roy Blunt and Democrat Claire McCaskill, had been invited to the rally but didn’t attend.
The national push toward sweeping gun control that seemed inevitable in the days and weeks after the Newtown massacre has slowed, leading some proponents to accuse President Barack Obama of having missed the moment.

  More on Loesch's idiocy and falsehoods on Guns and the 2nd Amendment:  

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