Anti-union hack Dana Loesch still providing cover for Dana Show regular Steven Crowder

Today in union-hating by Dana Loesch: She is defending right-wing loon and The Dana Show regular Steven Crowder's false accusations that the union member was "assaulting" him, when in fact it was the other way around.


 It’s insane to allege that Crowder — who wasn’t standing near the union member, who appeared to trip over his own feet rather than was “pushed,” and who had his back turned and turned with hands up in a non-threatening manner — pushed the union member. Where is Dunnings’ evidence? Why didn’t the union bring charges? Because it’s a bogus assertion. 

Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings said he didn’t obtain the full video until he got it from a far left group which is an absolute, outright lie as the full, unedited video was posted by Crowder when he posted the edited-for-TV video. The full, unedited video was always available.
Dunnings is simply protecting the union members behind the riot which saw them destroy property, put women and children in harm’s way, and assault those who were videotaped simply asking questions. It’s an embarrassment to the office in which he serves.
Dunnings did his job properly, and this is typical of her to demonize unions.

The Lansing State Journalon the other hand, called out Crowder's phony baloney:

LANSING — Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III said he won’t file criminal charges after reviewing unedited video showing events that led to a Fox News contributor being punched during December’s right-to-work demonstrations.
Steven Crowder filed a police report following the Dec. 11 incident at the Capitol, which Michigan State Police had referred to Dunnings’ office for review. The fight occurred amid generally peaceful demonstrations involving more than 10,000 people who had gathered in Lansing that day as lawmakers voted on a package of bills that ban requiring union dues as a condition of employment.
Both videos that Dunnings reviewed are available on the YouTube website, he said.
The edited clip was an 80-second video Crowder swiftly uploaded to the web following the incident. To date, it’s drawn nearly 1.4 million views on YouTube.  
Crowder said on Twitter later day that he suffered a minor cut to the forehead and a chipped tooth after being “sucker-punched” four times. However, unedited footage shows that the union member who apparently punched Crowder appeared to have been pushed to the ground seconds before the brawl.
It’s unclear who pushed the union member. Crowder was standing nearby and appears to throw his hands up in the air in a gesture of innocence after the man fell, the video shows.


It turns out that I was 100% correct. Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III is not filing charges in the incident because Crowder provided him with highly-edited video and the full, unedited version shows that his “attacker” was simply defending himself. 
Nice try Crowder. You’re a fraud and now everybody knows it.

Loesch and Crowder both are manipulative liars.

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