Deranged extremist Loesch baselessly accuses Michigan State Rep. Douglas Geiss (and by extension, Michigan House Dems) of "inciting violence"

Deranged anti-union extremist Dana Loesch is lying as usual. This particular "offense" in Loeschworld: A Democratic Michigan State Representative by the name of Douglas Geiss had the nerve to say that "there will blood on our hands" because of Michigan likely going to be the latest state added to the Right-To-Work For Less list.

BTW, Geiss is right on those points and he was NOT inciting violence or murder, despite what deranged conservative media liars say on this.

Here's where Loesch makes false accusations about "Michigan's House Democrats twitter account (@MIHouseDems) aiding and abetting violence":

Dana's husband, Chris, also makes phony accuasations about "Democrat violence":

She even takes a cheap shot at Michigan native Michael Moore:

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