Loesch smears Shriver and Barrett on Twitter

Today, I found out that Dana Loesch is still playing her bullying games at her foes on twitter, and the main targets were Adam Shriver (@stlactivisthub) and Milwaukee Mayor (soon-to-be possible Governor of Wisconsin) Tom Barrett (@barrett4wi).

Loesch's smears of Adam Shriver:

Loesch defends Walker/Kleefisch against Barrett:

Sorry, Ms. Loesch! Kleefisch is NOT grassroots, and neither is Koch Bros. puppet Scott Walker!

Typical fascist bullshit.

Nope, Walker caused the LOSS of jobs.

She even got in a dig or two at Gennette Nicole/P.J. Nicolatore (@NicoleGennette).

Nope, your BFF Walker ducked and dodged questions like a typical Rethuglican. Tom Barrett, on the other hand, was honest and direct in calling his lies out.

Campaign donations to help the #WIRecall effort and piss off Dana Loesch:
Tom Barrett (D): Governor for Wisconsin
Mahlon Mitchell (D): Lt. Governor for Wisconsin

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