Loesch, Katz, and other Teabaggers rally to support Kleefisch and Walker

Yesterday, at a teabagger rally in Racine, Wisconsin featuring Walker/Kleefisch apologists, including Wisconsin Congressman and potential Romney VP choice Paul Ryan (R-WI01), Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch (R), The Dana Show's lead substitute host Tony Katz, and of course CNN, KFTK, and Breitbart's Dana The Devil. The rally featured tons of anti-union right-wing talking points.

Key Loesch falsehoods:

  • Loesch: "I love your cheese curds, I love your beer, and I love your [pro-Walker/anti-recall] fighting spirit. I love your Governor (Scott Walker), I love your Lieutenant Governor (Rebecca Kleefisch), and I love your four State Lawmakers who are standing up to the machine!" (approx. 0:34)
  • Loesch: "Andrew Breitbart (now deceased) inspired the fight that we're fighting." (approx: 1:45)
  • Loesch: "Breitbart is still here." (approx. 1:55)
  • Loesch: "All of this started when some out-of-state union bosses want to exploit the working man." (approx: 3:14). Wrong! It's out-of-state billionaires like the Koch Bros. that are exploiting the working class, as is the GOP.
  • Loesch: "Public sector unions aren't our enemies, but the bosses, in my opinion, are." (approx: 3:33)
  • Loesch falsely claimed that "out-of-state union fatcats who make 6 figures while they bleed paychecks off the working families so they can do what? Donate to candidates who vote against your best interests." Who's acting against the best interests of Wisconsinites? The GOP, that's who! (approx: 3:45)
  • Loesch misleadingly stated that the "war on working families are perpetuated by union bosses and the Democrat Party." No way, it's being perpetuated by ALEC, Koch Bros, and other anti-union-based groups."
  • Loesch said "Shame on Mahlon Mitchell because he signed a petition to boycott pro-Walker Businesses." Mitchell was well within his right to do that. (approx. 5:20)
  • She said "Shame on Tom Barrett." (approx. 5:40)
  • She misleadingly stated that "there's no difference between Barack Obama and Tom Barrett." (approx. 6:25)
  • Loesch baselessly stated that "Barrett will run the State of Wisconsin to the ground like what he did to the city of Milwaukee." (approx. 6:38)
  • Loesch misleadingly blamed the Democratic Party for the loss of jobs and starting the "War on Women." Wrong, it is you and your own party that's responsible for that. (approx. 8:27)
  • Loesch: "You have 7% of the workforce that holding 93% of the population hostage. We are the 93% Percent." Baloney. (approx: 8:56)

No, Ms. Loesch, it's shame on YOU, shame on Kleefisch, and shame on Walker!

Tuesday will be the day that Wisconsinites recall Walker, Kleefisch, and the 4 GOP State Senators up for recall!

Campaign donations to help the #WIRecall effort and piss off Dana Loesch:
Tom Barrett (D): Governor for Wisconsin 
Mahlon Mitchell (D): Lt. Governor for Wisconsin 

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