DanaBusted.blogspot.com's 2-year anniversary

Two years ago today, DanaBusted.blogspot.com was launched to expose the lies and deceptions of CNN "Contributor", KFTK radio show, and conservative blogger Dana LoeschMedia Matters For America and the St. Louis Activist Hub have additional fact-checking information on Loesch's spin and falsehoods.

Two years later, despite getting numerous attacks on Twitter from Dana and Chris, and their brigade of trolls  (especially @CHOWSTL@EEElverhoy, and @Jimi971) to smear my efforts, I'm still rolling strong exposing the lies and fabrications from them . If they don't like it, too damn bad! They are also responsible for my banning at STLMedia.net's message boards.

My first actual story on this blog, from two years ago:

Some St. Louis Teabagger figures (most notably Dana Loesch) have falsely implied that Carnahan supporters caused the arson. Even Ed Martin, the Republican/Teabagger challenger to Russ, condemned it.

Rep. Russ Carnahan reports that his campaign office was firebombed and a suspect is in custody. Uncool.

Of course, the full article has Loesch spinning it into the tired old "Kenneth Gladney got beaten by Union Thugs" meme.

Later This Weekend:
A look at Loesch's worst things said this past year.

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