More lies from Dana Loesch: She falsely accuses Obama of cutting Medicare [UPDATE: CNN's Soledad O'Brien calls out Loesch and other RWNJ liars]

   On her Big Government blogpost at Breitbart.com, Paul Ryan cheerleader Dana Loesch is falsely claiming that "Obama, not Ryan, cut Medicare." We know that's a flat-out lie, as Ryan's proposed budget plan DOES gut Medicare. 

Big Government:

The Obama campaign went after Congressman Paul Ryan over the weekend, claiming that he wanted to push old people off of cliffs by gutting their Medicare. The problem with that false narrative comes by way of Cutter Shambles, the Deputy Campaign Manager for Obama's reelection effort:  
Cutter demonstrates a rare bit of honesty here: President Obama did gut Medicare with his health care law. It was part of the fuzzy math employed to make Obamacare look less expensive than the real price tag. Sacrificing seniors for headlines.  

Democrats apparently think we voters have forgotten their debunked scare tactics from 2011. Their inability to evolve their rhetoric from this point shows how desperate the campaign is and how scared they are after the Ryan announcement. 

Here are the real facts on Medicare, not the spin by Mrs. Mamalogues hack Loesch.

Current President Barack Obama (D) on Twitter:

The Nation's Katrina VandenHeuvel on Twitter:

UPDATE: CNN host Soledad O'Brien debunks the RWNJ media myth that "Obama cut Medicare."

CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien debunked the pervasive right-wing media falsehood that President Obama "stole $700 billion" from Medicare. 
Right-wing media have repeatedly claimed that the Medicare savings included in Obama's Affordable Care Act (ACA) "gutted" the Medicare program. However, on CNN's Starting Point, when Romney senior adviser John Sununu claimed that Obama "gutted Medicare by taking $717 billion out of it," O'Brien was quick to correct him. 
O'Brien pointed out that Sununu's talking point has been debunked by the Congressional Budget Office, which found that the Medicare savings in the ACA are not cuts, but rather a reduction in the expected rate of growth of the program. 
O'Brien also noted that independent fact-checkers have found that the Affordable Care Act does not cut Medicare benefits. These fact-checkers also determined that the claim that hundreds of billions of dollars have been cut from Medicare is outright false.

From the 08.14.2012 edition of CNN's Starting Point:

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