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Delusional Dana smears Post-Dispatch's Kevin McDermott as a "DNC/McCaskill Buttkisser" for reporting the truth

More phony nonsense from St. Louis's Most Insulting Media Personality Dana Loesch.

Today, Loesch is still pushing more phony baloney crap to discredit incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill (D). The latest from her propaganda site, which she falsely claims that "the Media ignores sexual harassments from Democrats" and calls P-D's Kevid McDermott as a "DNC Buttkisser":

So I could ask him what the title of DNC Buttkisser pays. McDermott is the resident McCaskill Defender at the St. Louis Post Dispatch and while he’s written what amounts to around a frillion headlines on Todd Akin, he’s not written so much as one column inch on the McCaskill scandals — except to try to spin her out of the sexual harassment suit his publication has worked to hide from voters. 

McDermott’s logic as to why the sexual harassment suit against McCaskill’s husband’s business shouldn’t matter? Because.
No, that’s it. Just because.
This from a guy who has spun eleventy headlines out of a six-second remark.
The facts of the story, which first broke here, are that a female employee was subjected to repeated sexual harassment at the hands of her management and she was forced to leave her job as a result. It makes sense that she filed after leaving, considering that the management was party to the harassment.

Dana, McDermott is NOT a "DNC/McCaskill Buttkisser," but you are most certainly a buttkisser for Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, and the Romney/Ryan ticket.

She then took to twitter to further demonize him as a "DNC/McCaskill Buttkisser":

Now, here's the REAL facts about the Sugar Creek deposition, from St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Kevin McDermott:

The campaign of Senate candidate Todd Akin and his supporters have been strenuously calling attention to a pending sexual harassment suit in Illinois, against a company owed by the husband of Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., saying it raises question about McCaskill's commitment to protecting women. 
Akin adviser Rick Tyler said in an email to the Post-Dispatch that "an active sexual harassment suit seems very relevant” to the campaign. 
So how relevant is it? Well, McCaskill is not named in the suit. Neither is her husband, Joe Shepard.

Here are other facts, as found in the court records:
• The lawsuit was brought in Sangamon County Circuit Court in Springfield, Ill., in November 2009 by a female former employee of Pine Woods Apartments in Springfield. Pine Woods is owned by Sugar Creek Realty, a Shepard company. The plaintiff alleges that her immediate supervisor at the apartment complex, a woman, sexually harassed her. The suit names as defendants Sugar Creek, Pine Woods, and the supervisor.
• Records don't indicate any direct role by Shepard in supervising the employees involved, who worked at one of dozens of apartment complexes owned by Shepard's company.
This is all based on the original deposition, which we're posting here.
The suit is scheduled for trial Oct. 30.

Despite what chronic liar Loesch says about McCaskill, neither she, nor her husband Joe Shepard, are named in the suit.

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#MOSen: Dana Loesch still pushing a non-scandal to baselessly attack McCaskill

Akin/GOP operative Dana Loesch is still whining about "the media's being in the tank for Claire McCaskill" by pushing a non-existent "scandal."

She baselessly accuses the "Missouri Media of being lapdogs for McCaskill and the Democrats":

Today the most SCANDALOSO of stories broke in the Missouri senate race: Once upon a time, Todd Akin was arrested for a peaceful protest outside of an abortion clinic. He was arrested because he blocked the doorsSalon and the Huffington Post, two bastions of objective media, ran with the story; Salon went further and reported another scandal: Todd Akin once sent a letter to a public militia event which complimented the patriotism of the peaceful citizens exercising their Second Amendment
Scandalous, indeed. You see, the Second Amendment is reviled by the left and the simple exercise thereof invokes lefty comparisons to domestic terrorists while their ideology refuses to identify actual terrorism
It’s clear that the Missouri media has no interest in reporting on the developments in the Missouri Senate race if it’s unrelated to re-electing Claire McCaskill. So why don’t you hold them to the standards of the journalism they claim? Here is a handy comprehensive list (still expanding with the addition of individual reporters soon) of MO media on Twitter to start.

I hate to break this to you, Dana: almost all of the left does NOT hate the 2nd Amendment.

Some more of the juvenile and stupid tweets that Loesch put out to intimidate the media into her phony non-story:

She even attacks Sheryl Crow, who also happens to be from Missouri:


Former Post-Dispatch employee Loesch falsely declares that "the media is in bed with McCaskill"

Today, on her twitter account and certainly on her radio show as well, KFTK radio host and Akin operative Dana Loesch was whining about the "Missouri Media, Democrats, and the Post-Dispatch being in the tank for McCaskill." False.

Dana, during your three-hour Right-Wing propaganda fest, Rush is up against you for the first two hours and another righty, Mark Reardon, is up against your final hour. According to Arbitron's September 2012 ratings, the "heritage ayem" station KMOX [#4] FAR outrates her station KFTK [#10], 6.5-4.7.

She covered up Todd Akin's "dog" comments directed at Claire McCaskill:
Todd Akin's "dog" comments directed at Claire McCaskill in order to attack McCaskill:

Democrats are desperate to distract from their scandal-plagued incumbent, and have once again enlisted Missouri media to assist. This week’s Big Bird? Akin supposedly called McCaskill a “dog.”
Last week the news that a whistleblower, a longtime high-ranking employee with the McCaskill family business accused the Senator and her husband of using the senate dining room as the setting for closing business deals. On tape. The Post-Dispatch published not a single headline, despite the fact that the story made national news and continues to grow. Instead, they’re focused on promoting the manufactured narrative that Akin called McCaskill a dog because she’s at the beck and call of the Obama administration. 

Oddly enough, there was zero LIBERAL RAGE® when McCaskill referred to herself as a dog:
U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill sums up her five years as a Democratic senator from Missouri with one word: watchdog. She uses another to describe her 2012 re-election campaign: underdog.
Not once, but TWICE.

This is just typical Dana Loesch fibbing and lying in order to defend Akin and slam McCaskill at all costs.

The REAL facts about Akin's "dog" comment, from Think Progress's Igor Volsky:

Missouri senate candidate Todd Akin, who withstood GOP pressure to drop his bid after suggesting that women don’t become pregnant from “legitimate rape,” recently compared his opponent Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) to a dog. Akin made the remarks at a fundraiser in Springfield featuring supporter Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R):
She goes to Washington, D.C., it’s a little bit like one of those dogs, you know ‘fetch,’” Akin said. “She goes to Washington, D.C., and get all of these taxes and red tape and bureaucracy and executive orders and agencies and she brings all of this stuff and dumps it on us in Missouri.”
“It seems to me that she’s got it just backwards,” Akin added. “What we should be doing is taking the common sense that we see in Missouri and taking that to Washington, D.C., blessing them with some solutions instead of more problems.”

Rick Tyler, Akin's campaign spokesperson, doubled down on his anti-McCaskill "fetch" comment and labels her "Bullshitsu":


#MOSen's Claire McCaskill correctly calls out Dana Loesch for being an "Akin Operative"

After tonight's debate, incumbent Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D) correctly called the clueless moron KFTK 97.1 FM radio host Dana Loesch an "Akin operative."

Loesch asked McCaskill a "clown question."

Fellow right-wing kook Jim Hoft defended Loesch, via the Gateway Pundit:

Senator Claire McCaskill did not like Dana’s question about her husband Joe Shepard cutting deals in the Senate Dining Room…So she attacked her.This was after the debate in the media room.
Windbag Akin shill Loesch filmed and recorded McCaskill's question:

I’ve been called a Nazi, a bigot, a Klansman, a racist, but never an “operative.”
Quit being a crybaby, Dana!


Dana Loesch flips from supporting to opposing Akin

According to the conservative American Power blog, We have gotten word that even BIG-TIME Todd Akin endorser Dana Loesch has withdrawn her endorsement of Akin earlier this afternoon.

However, on this afternoon's edition of The Dana Show, she was singing a different tune, as Loesch was encouraging Akin to stay in the race and possibly win it for Team Elephant?

From the 08.21.2012 edition of KFTK's The Dana Show:

This is more proof that Loesch is more concerned about GOP cheerleading than integrity as usual. You made your bed, Dana, and you now have to lay in it!

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Dana Loesch falsely implies that "McCaskill and Democrats want to control women"

Oh, the embarassment! CNN "contribtuor" and Akin apologist Dana Loesch is falsely implying that the "Democrats want to control women." From Big Government:

Democrats are desperate to change the subject from their losing battle on Medicare to government control of health. GOP Senate Candidate Todd Akin made a ridiculous comment regarding his opinion on rape and abortion after which Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill and the DNC claimed that Akin wants to control women's bodies. This coming from the woman and party who championed Obamacare, a law that will legitimately control all women's bodies, and men's bodies, too.  
Under Obamacare women's decisions on their health will be overseen by a litany of bureaucrats.  

Claire McCaskill invited Uncle Sam into the doctor examination rooms of millions of American women by championing Obamacare. This isn't her opinion, it's not "misspeech,"she made it law

This, of course, is a big fat 5-star lie by Loesch. In fact, the PPACA benefits women.

Eric Boehlert, Loesch's primary nemesis, takes down both her and fellow contributor Erick Erickson down a few pegs, via MMFA:

Thanks to Erickson and Loesch, CNN today is associated with a radical position on the Akin story that outflanks anything even Fox News commentators are saying about the controversy.  
This is the price CNN continues to pay for wanting so badly to be connected with representative of the right-wing press. Perhaps in search of shields to protect itself from the incessant whines about "liberal media bias," CNN's decision to legitimize the strange views of Loesch and Erickson remains a deeply misguided one. 
Akin's comments about women not really being in danger of becoming pregnant during a rape because their bodies instinctively "shut that whole thing down" were so outrageous that many conservative commentatorsquickly condemned him, even demanding Akin step down as the Republican candidate challenging Democrat Claire McCaskill. 
Some very prominent Republican politicians have also spoken out.  
But not Loesch and Erickson. The CNN bloggers defiantly came to Akin's side, with Loesch claiming he had simply "failed a soundbite" trying to express a "medical statement about rape." And besides, Erickson argued Democrats are guilty of far worse crimes, like passing health care reform.
From Erickson last night:
And Loesch:That kind of yeah-but spin is not only juvenile, but it's completely irrelevant and embarrassing to watch. (Erickson even tried reviving an old falsehood about Obama supporting "infanticide" in order to advance his Akin spin.)

BOTH Erickson and Loesch need to be sent packing from CNN!

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Even more GOP shilling from Dana Loesch: The Paul Ryan and Todd Akin edition

This past week, supposed "Independent Conservative" and GOP stenographer Dana Loesch was caught shilling for at least two Republicans this week: Mitt Romney's VP choice Paul Ryan (R-WI01) and Claire McCaskill's opponent Todd Akin.

First, the new VP candidate Ryan:

Big Journalism:

The biggest criticism of the Romney campaign has been its lackluster way of dealing with the media. No one understood the battle with the media better than the late Andrew Breitbart, who foresaw that our candidates would be running against headlines rather than Obama. The addition of Paul Ryan to the ticket has given us a sigh of relief, because if there's one thing we know about Paul Ryan: the man can handle the media. 

Wrong, Dana, Ryan can't handle tough questions from non-Conservative/Corporate media sources and spins his way into lies.

Big Government:

Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his vice presidential pick shows a deliberate move to re-energize the campaign, appeal to younger voters, and those who want to fix the economy regardless of party. It also signals a huge shift not yet seen from the Romney campaign: a long-anticipated move towards grassroots.
Paul Ryan is heavily favored by Wisconsin grassroots. He's rallied with them across the state as they fought off special interests to save their gubernatorial ticket and keep forward on the path of fiscal reform. He made himself accessible to citizen journalists for interviews and encouraged them to keep on target. 

Ryan favored by the grassroots?! Hell no! He's about an 1%er insider as they come. I sure hope Rob Zerban wins the WI-01 General Election, so Ryan can have a double whammy.

Big Government:

Wisconsin's state motto is "Forward." It may be President Obama's campaign motto too, but it's the "cheeseheads" who have truly embodied it. Last June, Wisconsin took a big step forward when voters fought back and reelected Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch, and a slate of state legislators over union and special interests. The election was a warning flag for November. Obama lost the public sector union battle in Wisconsin and now Wisconsin is bringing the fight to his doorstep in the form of a smiling, mild-mannered debate wunderkind named Paul Ryan.
The selection of someone like Ryan reflects a concerted effort to infuse a grassroots vibe into the campaign -- and possibly some Wisconsin schadenfreude, too. 

Hey, Mrs. Mamalogues, Paul Ryan and his policy ideas are unfit for America, such as wanting to end Medicare and Medicaid (despite what Michelle Malkin-run Twitchy and the RWNJ noise machine say otherwise).  

Secondly and lastly, her home state's (Missouri) extremist kook Todd Akin for US Senate against McCaskill:

Big Government:

Claire McCaskill's campaign wasted no time in attacking Todd Akin after his senate primary win. This evening McCaskill sent an email to supporters claiming that Akin is a "dangerous" tea party extremist. 
This coming from McCaskill, a Senator so far removed from the will of her people that after she championed for Obamacare in Missouri, 76% of voters voted to repudiate it via Proposition C. Prop C, or the Health Care Freedom Act, was the first legislative challenge to Obamacare.  
McCaskill again rubber-stamped the Obama agenda when she sided with him against Missouri jobs and coal by voting in favor of the MACT rule and effectively shutting the doors of numerous coal plants. McCaskill once claimed she hated coal, odd considering she represents a big coal state, the industry of which employs thousands. McCaskill has rubber-stamped the Obama agenda on most every policy that would adversely affect Missouri coal and jobs.  
McCaskill cheerleads for an administration that has quadrupled the deficit, run women from the job pool, and devalued the dollar, while trying to persuade seniors that the government knows best how handle their social security.

Excuse me, Dana?! Last time I checked, it's TODD AKIN that's been a rubber stamp for the 1%ers, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Christian Conservative organizations, NRA, War On Women, and the Koch Brothers Agendas. McCaskill is nowhere close to an "Obama/Reid rubber stamp," despite what Loesch claims.

Here's the real facts about the radical far-right agenda of US Senate Candidate Akin:

Akin has had ties to Radical Right Christian groups and figures, such as the deceased Dr. D. James Kennedy.

Zach Beauchamp at Think Progress:
GOP Representative and Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin has a long history of extremism, particularly with respect to the role of religion in public life. As it turns out, that shouldn’t be much of a suprise: one of Akin’s principal political influences appears to be Reverend D. James Kennedy, a minister who spent his life organizing a movement dedicated to reorganizing the American government along radically conservative evangelical lines. 
Though he died in 2007, Kennedy is respected throughout the GOP, and was particularly influential on Akin’s worldview. According to a Politico profile of Akin, “[t]wo sermons by Dr. D. James Kennedy have been very influential for Todd and he references them frequently in discussions of government.” Akin told Kennedy’s Truth in Action (formerly Coral Gables Ministries) organization that “Dr. Kennedy understood how to connect the principles of Scripture with the practical applications of what keeps a nation free, the principles that America was founded on.” Akin also co-sponsored a resolution last year that “honors Dr. Kennedy’s lifetime of service and sacrifice to his God, his country, [and] the ideals of the Christian faith.”

Alex Seitz-Wald at Salon on Akin's ties to militia groups:

Missouri Rep. Todd Akin, who won the Republican Senate nomination just this week, is already on the defensive about a recently resurfaced letter he wrote praising a militia group in 1995. News of the letter, which came via an old St. Louis Post-Dispatch story and highlighted by BuzzFeed Wednesday, plays directly into Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s attempt to portray her Republican opponent as a radical.
Indeed, Akin’s letter came about one month before militia sympathizer Timothy McVeigh blew up a truck outside a federal building in Oklahoma City. But the then-state lawmaker’s letter went a bit further than he lets on. “The local militia can bring a positive influence to our community … Your patriotism and concern for our state and nation is to be commended,” Akin wrote. 

Akin's Extremism 101:

Editor's Note: This is the blog's 200th blogpost.