Delusional Dana smears Post-Dispatch's Kevin McDermott as a "DNC/McCaskill Buttkisser" for reporting the truth

More phony nonsense from St. Louis's Most Insulting Media Personality Dana Loesch.

Today, Loesch is still pushing more phony baloney crap to discredit incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill (D). The latest from her propaganda site, which she falsely claims that "the Media ignores sexual harassments from Democrats" and calls P-D's Kevid McDermott as a "DNC Buttkisser":

So I could ask him what the title of DNC Buttkisser pays. McDermott is the resident McCaskill Defender at the St. Louis Post Dispatch and while he’s written what amounts to around a frillion headlines on Todd Akin, he’s not written so much as one column inch on the McCaskill scandals — except to try to spin her out of the sexual harassment suit his publication has worked to hide from voters. 

McDermott’s logic as to why the sexual harassment suit against McCaskill’s husband’s business shouldn’t matter? Because.
No, that’s it. Just because.
This from a guy who has spun eleventy headlines out of a six-second remark.
The facts of the story, which first broke here, are that a female employee was subjected to repeated sexual harassment at the hands of her management and she was forced to leave her job as a result. It makes sense that she filed after leaving, considering that the management was party to the harassment.

Dana, McDermott is NOT a "DNC/McCaskill Buttkisser," but you are most certainly a buttkisser for Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, and the Romney/Ryan ticket.

She then took to twitter to further demonize him as a "DNC/McCaskill Buttkisser":

Now, here's the REAL facts about the Sugar Creek deposition, from St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Kevin McDermott:

The campaign of Senate candidate Todd Akin and his supporters have been strenuously calling attention to a pending sexual harassment suit in Illinois, against a company owed by the husband of Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., saying it raises question about McCaskill's commitment to protecting women. 
Akin adviser Rick Tyler said in an email to the Post-Dispatch that "an active sexual harassment suit seems very relevant” to the campaign. 
So how relevant is it? Well, McCaskill is not named in the suit. Neither is her husband, Joe Shepard.

Here are other facts, as found in the court records:
• The lawsuit was brought in Sangamon County Circuit Court in Springfield, Ill., in November 2009 by a female former employee of Pine Woods Apartments in Springfield. Pine Woods is owned by Sugar Creek Realty, a Shepard company. The plaintiff alleges that her immediate supervisor at the apartment complex, a woman, sexually harassed her. The suit names as defendants Sugar Creek, Pine Woods, and the supervisor.
• Records don't indicate any direct role by Shepard in supervising the employees involved, who worked at one of dozens of apartment complexes owned by Shepard's company.
This is all based on the original deposition, which we're posting here.
The suit is scheduled for trial Oct. 30.

Despite what chronic liar Loesch says about McCaskill, neither she, nor her husband Joe Shepard, are named in the suit.

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