Dana Loesch falsely accuses IL-12 Democratic Candidate Bill Enyart of "shoving a Plummer supporter on purpose"

Teabagging liar Dana Loesch jumped on the anti-Enyart smear that "Republican judge got [intentionally] shoved by Bill Enyart." The Republican judge in question was Laninya Cason, a former Democrat. Enyart is the Democratic candidate (he replaced the original candidate Brad Harriman) to replace current Congressman Jerry Costello (D). Plummer is the GOP nominee, and Paula Bradshaw is the Green Party candidate.

The facts from BND:

 — Associate Judge Laninya Cason, a Republican candidate for circuit judge, on Saturday gave a videotaped statement to the O'Fallon Police Department alleging that congressional candidate William Enyart, a Democrat, pushed her aside as she tried to hand out one of her campaign flyers at a parade. 
Enyart's campaign denied the allegation, saying he accidentally bumped into Cason.
Cason, a former Democrat who was passed over by her former party for its nomination as the circuit judge candidate, said she would sign a statement asking that Enyart, a retired two-star general in the Illinois National Guard, be charged with battery, a misdemeanor. The alleged incident occurred during the O'Fallon High School homecoming parade.  
"On a crowded parade route, people bump into each other all the time. It's a low-key, fun event for voters to meet candidates at all levels," said Enyart campaign manager Jason Bresler. "Bill accidentally bumped into a Plummer supporter and immediately apologized, but somehow, between laughing, joking and now, this has become political," Bresler said. 
"This is the type of ugly politics that people in southern Illinois are sick of, where something as simple as a parade could become grounds for political gamesmanship."
Annie Dauber, a 16-year-old Belleville West High School junior, who said she was passing out political stickers at the parade, said she saw the incident but thought Enyart and Cason "just bumped into each other." Dauber, whose name and telephone number were supplied to the BND by the Enyart campaign, said she couldn't recall whether both were walking, or whether Enyart came up behind Cason.
Aaron Camp's Blue Downstate Blog::

Enyart’s Republican opponent is Jason Plummer, the son of a multi-millionare lumber magnate who is spending part of his father’s fortune in an attempt to buy himself a seat in Congress, and, in 2010, was narrowly defeated in the Lieutenant Gubernatorial race by Sheila Simon. Cason, who is a Plummer supporter, probably tried to set Enyart up by alleging battery simply for accidentally bumping into her. This kind of dirty politics has become all too commonplace in Downstate Illinois. Annie Dauber, an eyewitness to the incident, thought that Enyart and Cason “just bumped into each other”, and that’s more than likely the most credible eyewitness account of the incident that we’re going to get.

I'm more than likely to be inclined to believe that it was accidental, NOT "deliberate" like what Loesch and Cason want to frame it as such.

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